4 Star Hotels in India

4 Star Hotels in India
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India as a tourist destination is one of the most beautiful and exotic country. Gallivanting through any of the places is only very exciting. The country has amazing hotels and has a remarkably flourishing hospitality industry.

A significant factor while planning a vacation or business trip is to decide where to stay. People who wish to indulge during their tour while tightening their purse strings can consider checking out four star hotels in India. These hotels may not be as grand as the ones with a 5 star rating, but many of the amenities and comfort remain the same. Travelers although must decide which of the amenities matter to them most. Browsing hotel websites may not be enough in this case. Here is a list of good websites that provide you information about 4 star hotels in India helping you compare them and make an informed decision:

Tripadvisor (www.tripadvisor.in/Hotels-g293860-India-Hotels.html):

This website allows users to review the hotels they have stayed at, making the site a valuable source of information in the present times (and for other users). To find the list of the best four star hotels in an Indian city/ town, you can “Refine your Search” by choosing the 4 star rating for the city/ town. Each hotel is reviewed, rated and detailed in the website. The room rates are given as well making the process of finally deciding the hotel efficient.

Clear Trip  (www.cleartrip.com/hotels/india):

This is a sought after travel website. You can choose the four star rating from among the categories of “hotels by star rating” after selecting the destination you wish to visit. The hotels list can be sorted depending on their names, location, ratings on Tripadvisor and price. You can find extensive details regarding the hotels, which includes reviews given by travelers, photographs, location map, rates of rooms and facilities.

TravelMasti (www.travelmasti.com/four-star-hotels-in-india.html):

If destination is not the criteria of choice for your vacation, you can check out the top four star hotels in India in this website. The list can be sorted according to alphabet, price and star rating. Each hotel listing has a short introduction. You can check out more details about the four star hotel including the facilities and rooms by clicking on it.

AsiaHotels (www.asiahotels.com/india/4-star-hotels) :

If you wish to find the names of four star hotels in India, categorized into the cities they are located at, in a single page, this website is your first destination when you begin planning your travel. The website is readable in several languages other than English, like Japanese, Chinese and Russian. The room rates of the four star hotels are given in currencies like US dollars, Euro, GBP, Japanese Yen etc. This is therefore a very useful site for international tourists visiting India.

Sight India (www.sight-india.com/4-star-hotels-in-india.html):

This is another website where the names of four star hotels for each Indian city or town or state are provided on the same page. You can click on the name and check out the short description of the hotel that has its amenities, address, and a way to access it. There is an online form here as well that you can use to send your query about the hotel. The website also offers tour services like hotel reservation, flight booking and sightseeing.

Webindia123 (www.webindia123.com):

This site has a list of places from which you can select your destination and then look up on the information displayed about the hotels. The site has put up information on the location, amenities and other vital information like reservation rules, important travel information, etc.

Allstays (www.allstays.com) :

This site provides ample information on various hotels, spa resorts, boutique hotels and so on. There are several hotels with the reservation facilities and one can check the various four star hotels that are available around the country, varying from one destination to another.

Hotels Indobase (hotels.indobase.com):

An excellent guide for availing information on any of the four star hotels. The site has details on all facilities like the hotel amenities, services, added luxuries and unique features. They also have a direct facility of reservations.

Lotussuites (www.lotussuites.com):

A site that is exclusively dedicated to people who would like to get some information on the four star hotels of India. Lotus suites are considered amongst the best airport hotels in Mumbai. Whether you are a leisure traveler or a business traveler, the facilities and luxury treatment of the hotel will leave you more than impressed.

Hotelsbangaloreindia (www.hotelsbangaloreindia.com):

This site is extremely useful for those who want to make a detailed trip to Bangalore, the garden city of India. There is a good amount of information on different categories of hotels. If one is interested in knowing more about three star hotels, then there is enough. Hotel Luciya International, The Capitol, Gateway Hotel, etc.

Indiaheritagehotels (indiaheritagehotels.com):

This is an exclusive site on the heritage hotels of India. Unearth the fascinating experience of the India that was- land of English cottages, palaces and guest houses of the nobles and a legacy of history and nostalgia.

Indiahotelsguide (www.indiahotelsguide.com):

Your one-stop site for amazing information on hotels in India. Pick your choice of destination and you’ll get the desired results in hotels and accommodation. The website gives very reliable information on location, facilities, reservation rules and so on.

Mapsofindia (www.mapsofindia.com):

This site is a very good one for acquiring information on the best hotels of India. If you are looking for three star hotel reservations, then this is the right place to be in. Check out the hotels and their respective facilities and plan your tour accordingly.

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