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Best Websites for FMCG Business

Best Websites for FMCG Business
  • yahoo
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  • rediff
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  • dnaindia
  • 4.
  • timesofindia
  • 5.
  • icmf
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  • ibnlive
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  • fmcgmarketers
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  • 5paisa
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  • hindubusinessline
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  • itcportal
  • FMCG is the acronym of Fast Moving Consumer Goods which is also known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). Fast moving consumer goods are products that have a quick turnover, and relatively low cost. FMCG generally include a wide range of often purchased consumer products such as toiletries, soap, cosmetics, teeth cleaning products, shaving products and detergents, as well as other non-durables such as glassware, bulbs, condoms, batteries, paper products and plastic goods. The purchasers usually put less thought into the purchase of FMCG than they do for other durable products such as electronic items. In comparison with other industries such as automobiles, computers, and airlines, FMCG business has a steady rate of growth, for it does not suffer from huge recession and layoffs every time the economy starts to dip. In FMCG business absolute profit made on the products is relatively small. Since they generally sell in large numbers, the overall profit on such products can be huge.

    yahoo (in.biz.yahoo.com)

    This feature brings to you an interview of Aditya Godrej the Chairman of Godrej Consumer Products Limited which is one of the major players of the FMCG sector of India. Mr. Godrej depicts the wish list of the Indian FMCG industry and the kind of favor and facilities they expect from Indian government among which Quality check on imported FMCG products and effective enforcement of copyright laws is a major demand. He also underlines the huge growth prospect that FMCG business in India has.

    rediff (www.rediff.com)

    This article highlights a new trend in the FMCG sector of India where all the FMCG biggies are eying to capture the market of the high street stores rather than generic shopping malls or departmental stores. FMCG companies are investing in real estate in the form of standalone stores. The reason being that besides higher visibility, high street stores cost less than space inside malls, according to sources

    dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

    This article delves on the pertinent question that whether mergers and acquisition are mandatory for the FMCG companies of India if they are to grow. But the answer to this question cannot be sought so simplistically for the FMCG sector is not a homogeneous unit but an assembly of a lot of companies. Different FMCG companies of India have different strategies of acquisition and merger and this article tries to throw light on these strategies.

    timesofindia (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

    This article focuses the new boom in the FMCG industry this festive season. During the festive season the consumption of FMCG products display a huge surge. The FMCG industry covered additional revenue of 844 crore in the last year’s festive season but this year they are hoping to surpass that mark. So industry biggies are keeping their fingers cross and awaiting the good times to be heralded in along with the festivities.

    icmf (www.icmr.icfai.org)

    In this site you will find and insightful and riveting write up on the changing trends of the FMCG industry in India. If you are interested in this sector of Indian business this could just be the site for you. This site gives you myriads of information on the growth trends of Indian FMCG business from late nineties onwards. The Indian FMCG industry saw significant changes through the 1990s. Many leading FMCG players such as Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL) and Procter & Gamble India Ltd. (P&G), have faced severe problems on account of increased competition from small and regional players and from slow growth across its various product categories. But there is yet chance to be jubilant for those from this industry since this FMCG business sector is now showing renewed signs of growth and boom.

    ibnlive (www.ibnlive.com)

    The FMCG businessmen of India have some great news for them. Indian FMCG companies are performing superbly and going global. Marico industries is one of the major Indian FMCG companies which will be displaying its products in other countries like UAE and Egypt. Darbur another leader in FMCG arena is also eying Egypt to sell its olive oil. So empower yourself with these latest developments in the FMCG sector from this site.

    fmcgmarketers (www.fmcgmarketers.blogspot.com)

    This is a gem of a site for people who are really into the FMCG business in India. This site rightly claims to be the first FMCG wisdom site in India. It divulges myriads of information on the growth prospect and trends of the FMCG business in India. It also conducts contests among hardcore FMCG marketers. So if you are interested in this business sector just log into this site and delve and delve deeper into the world of FMCG business.

    5paisa (www.5paisa.com)

    This site bring you a interview of Mr. H.K. Press who is the executive director of Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL). GPCL is a key player in the Indian FMCG market with a presence in personal, hair, household and fabric care segments. The company sells well-known brand products like Cinthol, Fair Glow, Ezee and Godrej Hair Dye. Here Mr. Press throws light on the different business strategies of Godrej Consumer Products and the launching of new brands and the re-launching of the old ones that his company is going to undertake.

    hindubusinessline (www.thehindubusinessline.com)

    This is a must see article for people who are the stalwarts of Indian FMCG business or are thinking of venturing into the FMCG business sector. This article brings a comparative analysis of the FMCG growth of China and the augmentation of the FMCG sector in India. Though FMCG business has developed manyfold in India in recent years there are certain drawback and loophole which is holding India back in comparison to China in FMCG business. This probing article seeks to chronicle these factors.

    itcportal (www.itcportal.com)

    This article elucidates the efforts and strategies that turned ITC India limited from a tobacco and major hotel player to the biggest FMCG company in India. While it is too early to comment on the longevity of the company's role as the top notch FMCG company of India, the ITC chairman fresh into another 5-year term, appears satisfied with the progress that the company has made in the FMCG business. According to him if last month's sales of Sunfeast and Aashirvaad, the two major FMCG brands of ITC, are to be annualized each has already become a Rs 500-crore brand in a three-year period.

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