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Fortune 500

Fortune 500 is an annual list of the 500 largest industrial corporations in the US and/or other countries, brought out in the Fortune magazine on the basis of sales and gross revenue. This registered trademark is a benchmark of business excellence any company or organization targets to achieve. India is blessed with a number of Fortune 500 companies which are perfectly in tune with international standards and service level. These companies have been contributing steadily to the GDP of the country and therefore, playing a crucial role in lifting up the economy of India. Let www.bestindiansites.com be your guiding star in analyzing the profile of premier Fortune 500 companies and public bodies like ONGC, Indian Oil, Bharti, Reliance Industries, Tata, State Bank of India, Wipro, HCL, etc. Glean through the top ten websites on Fortune 500 companies enumerated below.

ibef (www.ibef.org)

Cream off the stories of achievement of a number of Indian companies that have been ranked as Fortune 500 of late. This site hosted by India Brand Equity Foundation comes up with a voluminous list of the fortune 500 companies including some of the big guns like Lafarge, Pepsico, Prudential, Toyota, Sony, Samsung, Siemens, Philips, Nestle, Allianz, GE India, Coca Cola, HSBC, etc. These companies have been promoted up the ladder in recognition of their remarkable contribution to the economic growth of India. Click on the following link to explore more.

ongcindia (www.ongcindia.com)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is a Dehradun-based Fortune Global 500 petroleum company producing 77% of India's crude oil and 81% of natural gas. This public body is Asia's best Oil and Gas company as a survey carried out by 'Global Finance' revealed. In terms of annual profit, this organization tops the list by a comfortable margin. With a market capitalization surpassing 1 trillion, they are undoubtedly regarded as India's most valued corporation. Visit their homepage to come to know about the headlines and latest updates. You can be a registered member of the corporation web page to receive monthly newsletters as well.

iocl (www.iocl.com)

Indian Refineries Ltd. and Indian Oil Company Ltd. combined together in 1964 to give birth to a premier organization named Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. A lot of pride is at stake when you come to think of the brand name itself. They are the undisputed leader in generating revenues in Indian oil market. This organization plays an instrumental role in refining and retailing of a variety of petroleum commodities such as LPG, Petrol, Diesel, Aviation Turbine Fuel, Naptha, Bitumen, Paraffin, Kerosene, Lubricants and so on. This official website of IOCL showcases the organizational structure, business processes, services, fiscal growth statistics, partner companies and joint ventures, etc. Also find updated stock quotes from this site. To explore more on this Fortune 500 giant from India, click on the following link.

bharti (www.bharti.com)

Headed by none other than the Wireless Wonder Sunil Bharti Mittal, India's sixth wealthiest man with US $ 6.9 billion and and still counting, Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd. is one of India's macroscopic cellular and fixed line service providers. Quite deservingly they have earned themselves a Fortune 500 status by generating a stupendous amount of revenue amounting to US $ 1.1 billion. Take a peep into their web site to acquire comprehensive information on Bharti's products, subsidiary companies, corporate structure, Life Insurance services and a host of other services.

hindujagroup (www.hindujagroup.com)

Steered by values and guided by contemporary technological expertise, the Hinduja Group of business production house has ventured into global finance, film and oil-based enterprises and telecoms. This apex Indian business group is engaged in global investments, providing banking and finance solutions, international trading and philanthropic duties. Their website portrays all these features in addition with information on partner company details, latest news, media reports and career options.

ril (www.ril.com)

Reliance Industries can be accredited for being rated as India's maiden Fortune 500 company. It is India's biggest private sector organization that boasts of a turnover of US $ 19.976 billion and a profit of US $ 2.033 billion in the financial year of 2006. Founded by late Dhirubhai Ambani and now run by his two sons Mukesh and Anil Ambani, Reliance Industries has established a firm foothold in Indian business domain from telecoms to garment. Take a virtual tour into the world of Reliance incorporating of Business processes, Investor policies and benefits, Media releases, Career opportunities and online transaction facilitations.

tata (www.tata.com)

This is a knowledge portal to enlighten you on the story of a journey that began with little unsure steps long back in the 19th century. A visionary known as Jamsetji Tata dared to build a nation by coordinating business opportunities from all avenues of life. His dream paid off rich dividend in the long run, turning the company into a colossal body of entrepreneurs bringing forth a huge amount amount of revenues and contributing decisively to the GDP of India every year. Now the Tata Group has its operational areas across 40 countries in six different continents. Visit this web portal from the home of the Tata Group to acquire exhaustive knowledge regarding their products and services, business associates, investment policies, internal links, career scopes and a lot more.

statebankofindia (www.statebankofindia.com)

According to the number of employees and branch offices, SBI or the State Bank of India is the largest bank not just in India but in the whole world! If this fascinating revelation is not enough to give you a real shake up, explore more such similar stuffs from this site. This heavyweight player in Indian banking sector is bestowed with an asset amounting to US $ 126 billion. They haven't been honored with Fortune 500 status for no reason. The site highlights pretty well their featured services like Personal Banking, Agricultural and rural banking, NRI services, international and corporate banking, ATM facilities. Also find share quotes and press releases and express your grievance, if you at all have any, by downloading the complaint form.

wipro (www.wipro.com)

Wipro is a brand name you can bank upon hands down when it comes to Information Technology. With a customer base of over 300 across the USA, Europe and Japan, they are among the top 50 Fortune 500 companies in the world. They are renowned for providing integral customer services and support to organizations like Microsoft, Prudential, Sony, Toshiba, Boeing, IBM, Ericsson and Cisco. With an annual profit of US $ 3 billion, Wipro Technologies is one of India's foremost revenue generators. Cram all the requisite information on their innovative operations, events, consulting department, stock market quotes, etc. from this site.

hcl (www.hcl.in)

Hindustan Computers Ltd. abbreviated as HCL is one of the preeminent IT organizations in India with a profitability graph scaling to US $ 3.9 billion. Software development, integrated systems support, BPO services, hardware assistance, telecoms and a number of other operations underpin their working domains which are spread across 17 countries. Not only that, HCL has universal partnerships with a number of global giants most of which are Fortune 1000 companies. Visit the site to know more.

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