Top Sites on Academics

Top Sites on Academics
ITunesU Free Courses Harvard Free Courses
Yale University Free Courses CRL
Explorations of Style Academic Coaching & Writing
Academic Earth
Life as a busy professional or career-focused higher education student can be hectic these days. Apart from the necessity of earning a living to keep your body and soul together, you may need to sign up for an educational course or program to keep your skills honed and updated. However, your current schedule may not leave you with sufficient time and scope to pursue a regular academic or professional development program.

Opting for an online program will facilitate you to achieve your long-term career or educational goals without causing any disruption in your day-to-day program. You can choose from web-oriented programs offered by both fully online and traditional brick-and-mortar institutions and earn an accredited degree that’ll help you to pocket the promotion in your workplace or further your scholastic objectives.

Or, if you’re simply interested in enhancing your knowledge in a particular subject or academic area then you can visit a number of sites that list a wide spectrum of courses that you can browse through free of cost.

ITunesU Free Courses

This is a free academic tool or apps, (to be more specific) advanced by Apple- one of the world’s leading IT organizations. The ITunesU app lets you have access to comprehensive courseware across an extensive range of study areas in one platform. You can also tune in to live and archived audio/video dissertations and lectures, interact with experts in your area of specialization and take advantage of advanced technical tools to progress in your studies.

Harvard Free Courses

Harvard University is regarded as the Mecca of all academes worldwide and is known to admit only the most meritorious of students for its on-campus programs. However, you can always register for an online degree program or professional enrichment course advanced by the university for which you don’t need to fill up any application form.

Yale University Free Courses

Open Yale-the online vehicle of Yale University extends a suite of preliminary and preparatory courses in an extensive range of disciplines that can be freely accessed by students and learners. The courses have been developed by the professors and lecturers attached with Yale.

Centre For Research Libraries Foreign Dissertations  

The CRL’s website has a separate section on Foreign Dissertations that lets you scan more than 8, 00,000 doctoral papers and theses contributed by scholars and researchers from nearly 1,200 educational institutions around the world. You can search your relevant thesis by entering the appropriate keyword or you can look up by establishment’s name or particular country.

Explorations of Style  

This portal enlightens you the contemporary styles and approaches of scholastic writing that are in vogue in the present-day world. You’ll also find guidelines on how to brush up your own lettering skills.

Academic Coaching & Writing 

If you’ve set your sights on becoming a cutting-edge academic author, then you should visit this portal. The website exclusively focuses on helping writers create an e-Portfolio, steer clear of plagiarism, and manage your citations and papers. The site extends numerous additional resources like tutorials on academic writing.

Academic Earth (

Academic Earth has played a pioneering role in providing quality education to everybody and anybody who desires it. The site lists web-oriented courses in a wide range of study areas at all academic levels of some of the world’s top notch universities on its webpages. The site also features a series of stimulating videos that’ll add to your academic experience. (www.indiaacademic.comp)

The portal’s tagline proudly proclaims that it is “India’s largest online education and study website”. The site indeed endeavours to live up to its claim by furnishing comprehensive info on colleges, universities and schools in India, entrance exams, career courses and avenues, study abroad options, law, MBA, engineering and medical education establishments, and much more.  (

This website keeps you fully updated on the state of the Indian economy. You’ll be kept posted on taxation matters, budget, the employment market, banking and insurance sector, stock market, export scenario, and so on. You’ll also be apprised of the latest developments in major world economies including but not limited to France, USA, Germany, UK, and China. (

This portal extols the myriad and variegated ways of the Indian way of living. The site excels in providing a compact biographical sketch of Indians who have distinguished themselves in architecture, fine arts, performing arts, dance, fashion, sports, music, literature, and painting and much more.

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