Best Sites for Accounting

Best Sites for Accounting
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Accounting or Accountancy is the system of methods that assesses and represents various financial activities pertaining to business, investment, taxation, etc. The study of Accounting is very important to increase chances of economic growth and to develop a thorough understanding of different business-related processes. Crucial decisions are made on the basis of basic Accounting principles in business organizations or public bodies. Accounting encompasses a wide range of subsidiary fields such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Chartered Accounting, Cost Accounting, Auditing and quite a few other branches. In Information Technology, principles of Accounting are applied to keep track of a user's activities within a framed network. Various Accounting softwares like Tally, Payroll, Value Pack, etc. are used to smoothen up various Accounting projects. With , do your bit of necessary background checking before taking up Accounting as your prospective course of study. Get your comprehensive Accounting resources from the top ten Indian websites on Accounting enlisted below.

antraweb (

Looking for the most updated version of Tally? Check out this web portal to find ERP solutions on the latest versions of Tally, distributors, Tally authorized service centers, projects undertaken by antraweb, etc. The links furnished here will guide you through the availability of products such as TallyAscent, Value Pack, Payroll, Shoper and Tally Add ons. Also get detailed information about the services offered by antraweb for their global base of highly-satisfied customers. Subscribe for Tally Newsletters to get the latest updates and news. You can also download Tally 9 in case you are looking for a one-stop free portal! Just click on the link given below.

indiaforensic (

This website hosted by India Forensic will give you extensive information on Forensic Accounting. The organization conducts three certificate courses in Forensic Accounting Certified Bank forensic Accounting, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Expert and Certified Forensic Accounting Professional. Find the relevance of this branch of Accounting when it comes to financial fraud investigation, designing the fraud policies, money laundering services, Accounting fraud investigations, customized domain training, background verifications, etc. Glean through the links to learn about cyber frauds, BPO frauds, online resources, data analysis tools and a number of other relevant issues. Get your complete online resources and e-books only from this website.

tmtctata (

Tata Management Training Center conducts programs on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) for professionals. Browse through this web portal to see what are the things related to GAAP you can learn by attending the Accounting Standards Workshop. In case you are willing to attend the workshop, do check out the participation fees. Learn about their executive education programs, research works, customized and scheduled programs and special services by visiting the links furnished in the website.

india gov (

Hosted by the Government of India, this website will make you familiar with the basic Accounting principles you need to know to handle your finance better. Maintaining a steady source of cash flow is of supreme importance to give your business the right direction. Hence, loans or credits must be cleared to stay in a successful business environment. Read up the articles given in this web portal to edify yourself with the understanding of inward and outward cash flow, handling of surpluses, how to maximize your profit from a least-risk level, effective debit and credit management and so on.


Want to study Accounting and Finance on computers for free? If your answer is in affirmative, let your search come to a fruitful end here! Many universities in India offer integrated courses on Accounting and Finance on computers for the aspirants. Glean through the course contents incorporating of Accounting and its functions, basic Accounting principles, balance sheet study, costing, ratio analysis, capital structure, money management and a host of related Accounting resources. Moreover, you can have sample question papers with worked out examples and solutions.

ebpo (

Interested to derive complete web resources on Accounting BPO? This website acts as a virtual archive addressing to a world of accounting topics relevant to Business Outsourcing Processes. Once you visit the site, you will get in touch with topics like Finance and Accounting Processes, Order to Cash Processes, Procure to Pay Processes, Compliance Reporting Processes and Accounting Support Processes. Find detailed listing of sub-topics under each of these categories as well. Take a peep into the website by clicking on the following link.

tallyacademy (

Tally Academy, the Tally authorized training center hosts this website harping on the curriculum of Tally Financial Accounting Program, abbreviated as TFAP. The program is designed to provide the students with job-oriented training. Learn about the other salient features of the program, the objective of conducting the certification course, the break-up of course contents and a sample questionnaire to give you a glimpse of things to expect once you decide to carry on with the course. Do check out the links to obtain information on other courses such as TTP, Basics of Accountancy, Basics of Computers, etc.

shopping.sify (

What about the prospect of having a couple of books to fuel your desire to study Accounting? And isn't it more fascinating if the books come online? This online shopping portal from the home of Sify gives you the chance to shop for accounting books on Business Accounting, Financial Accounting, Telecom Audit, Management Accounting and a host of other interdisciplinary branches of Accountancy. The cost-effective shopping will give you value for money. Do look into the shipping charges and other conditions of online shopping.

saujanyabooks (

Written by erudite scholars from various branches of Accounting, the Encyclopedia of Accounting is one book you will cherish forever! Shop for this book from this virtual bookstore hosted by Saujanya Books. This book is an all-encompassing guide for anyone be it a seasoned player or a newcomer aspiring to set firm footholds in the frequently-trodden territories of business. Click on the following link to go shopping!

business-standard (

The Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata has come up with an intensive Accounting course for well-established executives and managers. This e-version of Business Standard reports on various aspects of the course. Read up the article and share your point of views. You need to be a registered member of the site to do so. So, sign up for a free account with Business Standards. Find the latest market trends comprising of Sensex quotes, events and much more.

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