Best Sites for Biology

Best Sites for Biology
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Biology or Life Science is concerned with studying life and natural surroundings. As a branch of science it deals with topics such as how life came on earth, evolution of species and their interrelation with living organisms and nature. The study of Biology encapsulates a wide array of academic disciplines like botany, zoology, microbiology, medicine, molecular biology, etc. Each of these fields works on different phenomenon of fundamental studies. For example, botany discusses study of plants; zoology study of animals and so on. More recent branches of biology include microbiology that deals with the study of microorganisms, biochemistry which studies the basic chemistry of life, physiology that examines the physical and mechanical operations of an organism and ecology that takes care of how different organisms interact with each other. Cellular biology is another mainstream discipline studying cells, the fundamental brick of life. Applied branches of biological sciences such as medicine are relatively composite in nature and are connected with particularized categories. All these branches of biology are taught in various institutes as established subjects across India and abroad. Now embarks on an arduous project of enlisting topmost Indian websites on Biology, study of Biology in India and a number of relevant topics.

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India being surrounded by vast water bodies from three sides, the study of marine biology has gained significant importance especially in the context of bio-preservation and environmental balance. Visit this site hosted by the Center of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Annamalai University to amass comprehensive knowledge on estuaries, mangroves, coral reefs and lagoons. Glean through the core areas of environmental research. Scout their huge database and find a host of reading materials in the virtual library. Check out the contact options of the concerned personnels. Click on the following link to explore more. (

Read up the edifying treatise on plant molecular biology written by S. K. Sopory and S. C. Maheshwari. They have attempted to decipher the root of studies pertaining to plant physiology and biochemistry in India. Find which universities took the pioneering role in carrying out researches in these disciplines. Know about the eminent biologists and professors who made notable contribution to the study of experimental botany, general plant biology, molecular biology, etc. Also ascertain yourself about the people who played crucial role in setting up institutes.

bioinformaticscentre (

Did you know about all 24 of the human chromosomes are being sequenced in order to carry out an enormous project called the Human Genome Project? Extensive research in the fields of molecular biology has given a lead to perform such projects. This web portal discusses on the study of Bioinformatics and related disciplines. Find a Bioinformatics Corporate Training Kit along with its implementation in genomics, proteomics, molecular modeling, drug designing and database management. Browse through the contents of the kit, areas covered, product cost, etc. You can also download the order form from the site. In case you have certain doubts and queries, have them clarified by hitting the 'Enquiry' and 'Contact Us' tabs. For further details, click on the link given below.

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Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science is responsible in carrying out fundamental researches at the frontiers of contemporary biology incorporating of molecular biology, structural biology, enzymology, immunology, developmental and reproductive biology, environmental studies and ecology and many other disciplines. They have introduced innovative ways to conduct these researches. Visit this web portal to learn how X-ray Crystallography, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, immunological techniques genetic engineering and the likes of others play an integrated role in biological research works. The experts in their Biological Sciences Division are currently working on developing methods that can relate the abstract theories to more concrete practicalities especially in the fields of infectious diseases, drug and molecular design and gene targeting, genetic disorders and diversity. Click on the link provided below to get the complete picture of the institute's attainments.

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Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur is one of the forerunners in executing fundamental research works in diverse disciplines of science and technology not to mention biological sciences. Equipped with a world-class department of biological sciences and bioengineering, they strive to provide academic programs in bioengineering and modern biology. Check out the official web portal of this department to learn about the courses for both undergraduate and postgraduate students including doctoral programs. In case you are pondering over making your career in biological studies, feel free to get in touch with this acme of an institute. To do so, just click on 'HOW TO REACH' tab. Explore more by hitting the link given below.

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Dig deep into the binding force of life with the Department of Biological Sciences at TIFR. The molecular biology unit incepted by Prof. Obaid Siddiqui during early sixties has carved a distinguishable niche among the biological fraternity of India. They are singularly focused on the working principles of living organisms and are well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure and faculties to pursue their objectives. Take a glance at this website to mug up exhaustive information on research programs, life science programs, MSC programs, short term and long term projects, academic positions, postdoctoral positions, publications and newsletters, alumni section, event planners, etc.

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Want to know about Genomic sciences? Check out this official website brought to you by the school of biological sciences in affiliation with Madurai Kamaraj University. They offer a number of courses in Genomics such as M. Sc. Genomics, M. Sc. Micribial Gene Technology, M. Sc. Biochemical Technology, etc. Their targeted wings of research encompass Zymomonas mobilis, adaptive mutagenesis, production of recombinant baculovirus, etc. Also cram information on the projects undertaken by this institute. The neatly-constructed website with specific links will ease up your search considerably. Go ahead and click on the ensuing link.

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An all-inclusive web directory is always a welcoming relief for any surfer especially when it comes to searching on vast and elaborative topics like biology. Now is a nonpareil archival site. You simply have to visit the site to be able to acknowledge the kind of database they maintain on a broad spectrum of biological topics. Links of numerous websites are at your fingertips once you come to this site. Under the category of biological sciences, find a wide array of sub-categories such as Pathology, Physiology, Schools and Institutes, Books, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Newspapers and Magazines, Ornithology, Reference sections, Taxonomy, Genetics, Molecular Biology and so on.

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