Best Sites for Chemistry

Best Sites for Chemistry
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Chemistry is a fundamental branch of science studying matter at atomic to molecular levels. It also discusses chemical transformations, reactions and accumulations of matter. In a nutshell, this discipline of science deals with ingredients and basic properties of molecules, metals and non-metals and crystals. It treats matters in an atomic scale which incorporates electrons and protons – the two basic components of matter. To trace the root of Chemistry, one needs to go back a long way to the prehistoric times when the study of metallurgy began by burning ores to extract metals. Gradually this stream of science developed into one of the frequently-trodden avenues of scientific expedition. From time to time India has been making significant contributions to the advanced researches on Chemistry. Study of Chemistry in India has taken magnanimous proportions courtesy of some major institutes. enlists for you some of the premier Indian websites on Chemistry and related topics. Team up with to unravel a mystic chemical world.

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Are you the one who yearns to pursue Chemistry in the course of higher studies? If your answer is in affirmative, don't hesitate to check out this official web portal of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. The Department of Chemistry there is one of the forerunners of research wings in India and abroad. Aided by well-certified team of teachers and professors, their hallmark lies in their relentless pursuit in providing the best of research and teaching facilities. Look at the courses in Chemistry offered by this apex institute and see whether you match the criteria for admission over there. Also glen through the contact options and Academics segment – all presented neatly in hyperlinks. Take note of the contact details as well.

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The study of Chemical sciences in India took a leapfrog when the Department of Chemistry, Bombay rose to gigantic heights by delivering world-class M. Sc. And Ph. D. programs in Chemistry. Today they boast of having 125 Ph. D. students and 27 faculty members dedicated to the cause of carrying out fundamental chemical researches. Find the contact details of the Head of the Department. Check out the plethora of links such as academics, general, people, latest, facilities, etc. In case you regard yourself to be a qualified professional, don't miss out on the jobs lying ahead of you. To explore more, click on the link given below.

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If you consider Chemistry your cup of tea and you want to shape up your passion professionally, you need to visit this site at least once! The Department of Chemistry in the University of Pune offers Masters programmes and Doctoral programs in Chemistry including Ph. D. and M. Phil. in Physical, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Nuclear Chemistry and Radiation Chemistry. Equipped with state-of-the-art lab facilities and well-qualified faculties, this university is one of the premier scientific institutional bodies in India. Just glean through the list of experimental facilities as well as specific wings of research and you will see why they are what they are! Send in your feedback in case you want to get in touch with them to have your queries clarified.

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Visit this web portal of the Department of Organic Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science. Nestled in the central hub of Bangalore, this acme of an institute thrives on core research works on Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. If you find the genre of Organic Chemistry to be your chosen branch of study, don't hesitate to check out the multitudinous academic programs offered by them. Their courses include integrated Ph. D. and M. Sc. in Organic Chemistry. Do take a look at the external links to enhance your knowledge about the evolution and growth of Chemistry.

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Talking of the study of Chemistry in India and the name that would spring up frequently is the Indian Institute of Science. They are dedicated to carry out advanced researches in molecular structure and dynamics, laser spectroscopy, organo-metallic and coordinate chemistry, bioinorganic and bio-mimetic chemistry, energy systems, catalysis, polymers and electrochemistry. This featured institute has carved a niche for itself in the domain of Chemical sciences in India by virtue of its innovative techniques and teaching methods. Click on the following link to explore further.

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Originality marks the basis of any scientific undertaking and Chemistry is no exception to this cardinal rule. Now if you are ardently looking for some Chemistry journals, you have come to the ideal place. The e-version of the Indian Journal of Chemistry focuses on archetypal research papers on contemporary advanced Chemistry. The section A of this journal covers a wide array of topics such as synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, inorganic reaction mechanisms, solid state chemistry, thermodynamics, spectroscopy, theoretical & quantum chemistry, nuclear chemistry, polymers, catalysis and analytical chemistry. Once you visit this site, you can embark on a 'Full Text’ search in specification with the time of publication. (,com_newsfeeds/catid,18/Itemid,7/)

If General Chemistry is the thing that instigates your gray cells, you are cordially welcome to the homepage of the University of Mumbai, Department of Chemistry. Browse through the new papers and articles, journals and analytical chemistry. Do check out relevant links on academic programs, info on faculty members, students' interactive communities, frequently asked questions and many more. If you have anything to ask to the concerned authority, you can contact them online. To do so you need to click on the 'Contact Us' tab. Click on the following link to explore for yourself.

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This online repository will assist you to a considerable extent if you are searching for good reading materials on different aspects of Chemistry. Find brainstorming topics like Ultra-violet and Visible Spectroscopy, Infrared Spectroscopy, modern aspects of solid state chemistry, experiments in general chemistry, educational technology in the teaching of chemistry, preparation and characterization of materials, topics in molecular interactions, Chemistry of oxide superconductors, chemical approaches to the synthesis of inorganic materials, superconductivity, nanocrystals, nanomaterials chemistry, metal insulator transitions, etc. Visit the site to admire and acknowledge the works of eminent scientists and professors from across the globe.

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