Best Sites for Computer Science

Best Sites for Computer Science
Computer Science deals with theory and fundamentals of information and computation along with their usage and allied applications in computer systems. Computer science has many branches and sub divisions, each specializing in varied areas such as computational theories, programming, coding, graphics, complex computation theories and lot more. Furthermore, computer science also deals with usage of computers by human beings in order to maximize its benefit for the mankind.

Some of the sites which provide detailed information and guidance on computer science would include the following:


The Computer Society of India is the largest society of Information Technology professionals from India. The Society aims to promote and provide a platform for interchange of ideas and information in both the ways from the public to the specialists and vice versa. The society thus functions as a platform by organizing meetings, discussions, publishing journals etc for the same.


The first time IIT Bombay took up computing activity in the year 1967 with a Minsk II computer headed by Prof J. R. Issac and his team of 5 faculty members. This center then shared their space with the Department of Mathematics. From that stage, till today where IIT Bombay offers not only Bachelors Degree, but Masters along with Ph. D degree education to eligible students. Today it is a full fledged department having illustrious and well known experts in the field of computer science.


This institute has been set up by Government of India, to delve further into the development, designing and deployment of solutions based on advanced information technology. C-DAC has developed PARAM a series of supercomputers, GIST Ė Graphics and Intelligence based Script technology. This society has also diversified in the areas networking, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data warehousing and lots more. It offers a variety or specialized courses such as in Advanced Computing Embedded Systems Design,Geoinformatics, and advanced computer Arts.

doeacc (

DOEACC has been set up by the Indian Government, putting forth the special and current relevant computer education to the society by a carefully laid out curriculum. The curriculum is prepared by experienced computer professionals and educationists. This institute offers a variety of courses all beginning from the foundation level to the MTech degree level. Regular review of the courses is done from time to time to educate the students in the most new upcoming technology.

Unipune (

The University of Pune being the one of the first universities to establish a department of Computer Science way back in 1980. Today, it not only offers bachelor degree courses in computer science but also master degree courses too. It believes in providing distinctive education which overcomes the gap between the theory and practice, thus imparting the best knowledge in the field of computer science.


The Indian Institute of Tecnology , Delhi also has a fully developed department of Computer Education. This department not only imparts valuable computer science education through many and varied courses, but also encourages research and offers doctorate degrees too. The students of this department have formed a voluntary assocaiton for themselves and the faculty, called the ACES. It is through the ACES that the faculty and students mingle with each other not only at study level but also at recreational and career level.


Another institute of repute which provides excellent education and research opportunities in computer science is the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. This institute has a special department of computer science and engineering which encourages and guides students during their course of study. With interaction of the faculty with many reputed national and international institutions and organization which use computer science technology, this institute is good enough to provide the best available current know-how to its students.


The Indian Institue for Technology Kanpur is one of the premier institute of India to offer Computer science education. Some of the early courses were offered in 1960s and by the year 1971, it was already offering Ph. D and M. Tech degrees. Today, it offers admission to limited number of students for bachelorís, masterís and Ph D degrees. Currently a number of research projects are being undertaken by the department of Computer science.


The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is one of the most reputed institutes offering computer science education in India. This institute has a well defined course schedule and very eminent faculty to guide the students during their course of study. Not only a conducive and a creative environment is available for the students to study but a well integrated environment from both the industry and government agencies is provided for a two integration of the technology and information.

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