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Economics deals with manufacturing, dispersion and usage of various social services and commodities. As a branch of Social Sciences, Economics primarily concerns the study of the interrelationship between supply and demand with respect to human psychology, especially consumer psychology. The study of Economics incorporates of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics which form the two main branches of Economics. There are different schools of thought when it comes to studying Economics critically. Classical Economics, Marxian Economics, Keynesian Economics, Neo-classical Economics, Austrian Economics, Complexity Economics, Agent-based Computational Economics, etc. are the most widely-practiced economic doctrines. Key Economic concepts include the understanding of value, supply and demand, price, scarcity, marginal cost and marginal utility, etc. Modern Economics takes within its expanse a broad spectrum of other academic fields like Geography, Mathematics, Accountancy, environmental studies and political sciences. Economics is included in the curricula of major educational boards in India at all levels. Besides, there is a teeming amount of on line resources for Economics including Economics journals and on line bookstores from where you can learn Economics at your convenience. finds for you top ten Indian websites on Economics. (

Acquire in-depth knowledge of Economics from this web portal. Find information on Taxation, Market scenarios, Budget, Trade and Business, Stock Markets, Banking sector, etc. from the links furnished in the web page. Also explore the latest in world economy including Indonesia economy, Brazil economy, China economy, Australia economy, Japan economy, UK economy, France economy and so on. Read up the articles on insurance, Steel and Oil industry in India, major companies, investment strategies adopted by premier fiscal bodies and various finance-related issues. In a nutshell, this website is truly a one-stop portal for anyone seeking decisive factual details on Economics. deeshaa (

Have you taken up Economics as your prospective course of studies and at a loss now not knowing how to go about studying this subject effectively? Well, find your solution by carefully going through the article given in this Economy blog. Also read up the comments made by other users. In case you find the article interesting, don't hesitate to add your own comments. You need to provide your e-mail id at the time of subscription. Rest assured that your personal e-mail id will not be disclosed to public.

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It goes without saying that getting reliable Economics journals at the time of carrying out research works is of supreme priority to any aspirants. Now these journals are available in most of the recognized libraries. But how about laying your hands on an Economics journal which is up for grabs in the virtual world? Find such on line resources for Economics by clicking on the link given below.

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The Delhi Center Library of the famous Indian Statistical Institute is featured with a vast number of E-Journals in Economics. Note that these journals come without you having to drop a single buck! Find topics like Agricultural Economics, Theoretical Economics, Ecological Economics, Macroeconomics, political economy, economic reviews, Mathematics and Economics, Comparative Economics, Fiscal Economics, Public Economics, Urban Economics and many other correlated aspects of Economics.

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Access quality E-books and E-Journals in Economics from various digital libraries spread across the virtual world. The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore hosts this website to facilitate Economic studies for the subscribed members. The materials comprise of complete texts and expert commentaries. The E-books are sure to aid you in your research works and advanced studies.

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The Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata has a rich online resources for Economics in the forms of on line journals, on line catalogs and Econ Lit database. They also offer CDs loaded with data to facilitate research-oriented programs. Find other web resources for the study of Economics from this web portal as well. Check out the leading institutes offering courses in different branches of Economics.

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Looking for an Economics teacher? This online teaching portal caters to your need of finding out a trusted teacher. Get comprehensive on line guidance for the study of Economics and other subjects included in the curricula of different state board exams. You can also download CBSE sample question papers, notes, syllabus, etc. Check out the results of Class X and Class XII board exams by clicking on the relevant links. Also find the official website links of major Indian institutes. Don't hesitate to take part in the survey conducted by

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Want to sharpen your business insight? Advanc'edge is the right place to order for books on Business Economics. Written by noted Economists and business tycoons, these books are must-haves for professionals as well as students of Economics. The cost-effectiveness won't feel heavy for your pockets either. Not just Economics, you will find books on many other fundamental and applied branches of study.

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Learn finer points of International Economics with a special emphasis on the economy of Europe. The UG students studying Economics will get benefited by this book with regards to money, finance and business. Read up the distinctive features of the book, contents and author and editor profiles before you decide to have a copy for yourself. Assure yourself furthermore by glancing through what other users had to comment about the book. Check out the Quick Links section to mug up relevant information about the Oxford University Press publications and outreach.

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