Best Sites for English

Best Sites for English
The study of English encompasses that of literature and language. To put it in a more generalized way, English studies cover the production and interpretation of texts written in English. The sociolinguistics part of English embraces a wide array of disciplines such as written and spoken English, history of English language and literature, English language learning and teaching and so on and so forth. Although Hindi is officially the national language of India, English rules over every domain of life. There is an immense scope for study of English language and literature in India. So it is of utmost importance to learn English thoroughly in order to cope with the cutthroat competition in professional world. Learning English, however, is not restricted to written English only. Cultivating adequate proficiency in making yourself understood to a native English speaking person is as important as anything. Many institutes and universities are there in the country to provide you with all the opportunities you may need to improve on your English. You can upgrade yourself by joining in a certification/diploma course or if you want to take it further, you can take up English as your main subject in degree courses and PG level. Team up with to mug up relevant information. Visit the sites enumerated below to get the briefing.

riesi.kar (

Housed in the serenity of Bangalore University's campus, this colossal institute has been working for the cause of spreading English education in the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. Check out this site to ascertain yourself with the services they have in the offing for you. Aided with the best of faculties and research wings, they have made a mark in Indian educational sector in no uncertain manner. RIESI boasts of quality library facilities, computer lab, language lab, recording room, auditorium and accommodation facilities for students from different parts of the country. Download brochures and purchase online admission forms from this site as well. (

Are you an avid English literature student aspiring to pursue Masters? If yes, check out this website hosted by the Department of English, University of Pune. Their thorough curriculum covers a wide range of genres pertaining to English language and literature. From fictional literature to creative writing and film studies the module is indeed comprehensive, enabling you to grasp the essence of the subject more comprehensively. Their academic programs are structured in such a way that you won't feel burdened by the sheer volume of syllabus at any stage of your involvement with the university. Acquaint yourself furthermore by clicking on the link given below.

mpsc.maharashtra (

Since languages form an integral part of any country's progress, it goes unsaid that concerned authorities need to gear themselves up for the spread of English as well as native languages. Hyderabad-based Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages has taken up some academic programs to facilitate the promotion and development of a diverse number of Indian languages. They have made the blueprint of how things are to be approached in a coordinated way. This site sheds light on how the Union Ministry has made the right steps to the right direction.

fluentzy (

It has become a well-established fact that many talented professionals are not getting enough breakthroughs in their respective professional circuits due to their incapability or lack of capability to speak English fluently. Now, since this is a major issue of concern, especially when India is trying to set a firm foothold in the global arena of business and education. This web portal is your comprehensive guide to learn how you can speak English with the least amount of hesitation and stumbling. Buy books at cost-effective billing and buckle your shoes fast because very shortly you are going to speak English like a native American! Get to know the secret of speaking English fluently through extensive self-study and inner motivation. Check out sample pages on various aspects of fluent speaking as well.

intoffice.bharatividyapeeth (

Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University conducts a number of English Language Certificate Courses to bridge the yawning gap between speaking and understanding of English properly and writing good English. Many native students from non-English speaking countries fall behind due to their inability to comprehend and communicate in English the way they should and consequently, they do not always crack the opportunities that come flocking in their way. Now if you think you belong to this category of students, Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University is always there by your side. Just get yourself enrolled for a suitable certification course and see the difference it can make in your career. Check out the course details along with the contact options.

discovery.bits-pilani (

Swot up all the relevant information on the courses that BITS, Pilani offers to its students or anybody else who wish to work for their seminars/practicals/projects. You can choose your ideal cup of tea from a number of topics enumerated in this website. Take note of the conditions carefully and also check out the break up of programs. They also conduct a program on Effective Speaking, which includes nature of spoken language, emphasis on articulation and pronunciation and stylistic aspects of spoken English. Click on the ensuing link to explore further.

jmi.nic (

Welcome to the virtual facebook of a peering institute! Yes, Jamia Millia Islamia University features in the dreamed-of university list of every educated Indian. If you are pondering over taking up English in your PG or post-PG, your search ends here with fruitful results. See the programs in Masters, M. Phil and Ph. D. They also offer diploma as well as advanced diploma courses for short-term basis. Don't miss out on enhancing your proficiency in translation. (

How far are you conversant with the history of English literature? In case you are willing to enlighten yourself on the same, don't hesitate to lay your hands on a brilliant book published by the Oxford University Press India. Read up the brief description of the book and check out the poignant elements to be found in the book. It goes without saying that you will have value for money once you finish reading the book. Also see and post reviews about the book.

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