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Geography is concerned with the study of the earth and its physical characteristics, dwellers and occurrences at a macro level. As a foremost branch of social sciences, Geography deals with not just the mere objective facts regarding the earth, but how things unfold with regards to natural, social, economic as well as behavioral sciences. Human Geography and Physical Geography are the two principle branches of Geography. Apart from these two main branches, there are three other interdisciplinary verticals of Geography known as Environmental Geography, Geomatics and Regional Geography. While Human Geography studies the core human relationship and interaction with the inanimate surroundings, Physical Geography is a more familiar term when it comes to interpreting Geography from its etymological point of view. It deals with the physical vista of the Earth and encompasses science, ecology, Geomorphology, Cartography and the likes of other associated disciplines. Taking into account that you harbor a reasonable amount of interest in Geography, comes up with the top websites on Geography. Take a look into these websites to find your comprehensive online Geography resources. (

It goes without saying that very few conscious individuals are not aware of the widely-discussed issue of global warming. Now if you are looking forward to learn more on global warming, what the immediate as well as distant threats global warming pose for the Earth, latest updates on the research fronts, the kinds of environmental changes taking place as a consequence of global warming and the different institutes / organizations carrying out experiments to keep the threats out of harm's way, you have no other option but to visit this website serving as a comprehensive virtual database of interesting site links on global warming.

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Voyage Geography is a much sought after textbook prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) for the students of Class VI to VIII. Authored by Dorothy Martha Noronha, this definitive text is virtually indispensable for a qualitative study of Geography at middle-school level. Read up the author profile, contents of the course and the salient features of the book before go shopping for it at competitive pricing. You can also go through the reviews of this book written by eminent scholars and teachers. 

The information you are about to find in this web portal centers around the latest methods in Geographical studies. Some of these methods including drawing of Topographic maps, Geographical Information System (GIS), artificial data generation, Stereoscopic studies, Global Positioning System (GPS), etc. have been adopted by the leading universities and academic bodies in the world to make measurements akin to flawlessness and assured. Accompanied by a set of questions, the information has been summarized at the end of the article.

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This website has gained a tremendous amount of popularity especially among young learners who are glued to quizzing. Career Quiz Online endeavors to fulfill the dormant potential of a young learner by offering quizzing activities from a host of subjects including Geography. Test your knowledge of Geography by participating in the quiz. Get entertainment as well as a good learning experience at the same time. You can also submit your own quizzing stuffs. Moreover, you can test how far you are acquainted with the current affairs of the world in month-specific manner. Also find virtual question papers of various subjects included in the Union Public Service Commission Examination.

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If you are well conversant with General Knowledge, you surely stand a good chance of cracking a number of entrance exams conducted throughout the year for public sector jobs. Now Geography features prominently in a set of GK question paper. This website gives you useful tips so that you can remember tons of information and can call upon those facts at the right time when it matters. This web page gives you interesting facts pertaining to all branches of Geography. Get your questions sorted out by the experts from the relevant fields. Check out the channel basics column to find interesting topics like ancient civilizations, inventions and discoveries, leaders and celebrities, world facts, trivia, plant life, science, firsts in the world and so on.

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Aspiring to crack IAS? If yes, take a look at this website offering model test papers in Geography and History. Click on the individual papers to get redirected to the correspondent page. The interactive section enables you to search for online tests, Indian History, Quiz and IQ test. Get to know key interview tips from the Jobs & Career category. The site is fitted with a search box that will let you search more specifically. Good luck to you!

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