Best Sites for Hindi

Best Sites for Hindi
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Hindi being the national language of India is used extensively across major portions of North and Central India. Hindi as a language owes its origin to the Indic language family. There are a number of regional Hindi dialects apart from the standardized Hindi. So vast is the domain of this language that if you take into account all types of dialects, the number of native Hindi speaking population will amount to 40% of India's actual population. It goes without saying that the scope for study of Hindi in India is immense and corroborating. Each state has more than one renowned institute, offering multiple programs of studies. enumerates top ten Indian websites that will serve you as your comprehensive online Hindi language resource.

education.nic (

Are you aware of the fact there is a National Scholarship program waiting to be grabbed by meritorious students for the purpose of higher? The Government of India makes the apportionment according to the data forwarded to them by the concerned State or UT bodies. This website provides you with extensive information on the eligibility criteria of scholarship for post-Matric studies in Hindi for the students from non-Hindi speaking states, the objectives behind it and the scope for future prosperity, amount of scholarships, application procedures and contact details. Click on the following link to explore more. (

Welcome to the official website of the Education Department, Government of Gujarat. In case you are from a non-Hindi speaking state pursuing post-matric studies in Hindi, find how you can earn yourself a scholarship to take your career on a high. Read up the particulars of scholarship including eligibility factors, opportunity and target, application formats, duration and renewal of awards, selection procedure, amount of scholarships and contact options. Glean through the corresponding links to get a panoramic overview of this department.

jmi (

A university that speaks volumes for itself for its unparalleled contribution to the growth and dispersion of Hindi as a language, Jamia Millia Islamia University showcases their Department of Hindi. Go through the article to know about the courses they offer, the influx of modernity in their graduate and post-graduate syllabi, exhaustive coverage of not just traditional Hindi but also Urdu, vocational courses in functional Hindi at the undergraduate levels, fundamental research facilities, admission details, etc.

nehu (

Take a peep into this site to ascertain yourself with the workings of the Department of Hindi (Shillong). Get to know the programs that are conducted by this institute. Due emphasis has been given on the study of Hindi language and literature. Modern Hindi literature and Comparative Study form the core area of their research. Generating cognizance among the diversified population of North-East India is another objective of this educational body. Check out the site by clicking on the following link.

gulbargauniversity.kar (

Ever since its inception in 1975, Gulbarga University is known to be one of the premier universities in South India. If you are aspiring to take up Hindi as the subject for your higher study, check out the details of academic programs, course fees, nub of research division, projects undertaken and break up of subjects from this web portal. Get in-depth views of each of these categories by clicking on the corresponding link. Find the contact details of the honorable Chairman of this apex institute as well. (

It goes without saying that the significance of the basic rules of grammar cannot be overlooked when it comes to learning any language, not to mention Hindi. Cram this edifying piece of article to ascertain yourself with the finer points of Hindi grammar such as binding and control structure, spelling rules, anaphors, GB theory and so on. The page is encoded in both HTML and Acrobat formats. Download the PDF file format by clicking on the link given at the top of the page.

chinmayavidyalaya (

Nestled in the city of Kochi, Kerala, Chinmaya Vidyalaya has been able to put themselves on the right track as far as teaching Hindi is concerned. Study of Hindi has never been an extensively practiced form of education in South India. But the school authority figured out in time that learning Hindi is of considerable importance since it is officially the national language of India. Take a tour of the web portal to know about the esteemed faculty section and motto of this institute. A plethora of links on departments, campus facilities, activities, photo gallery, etc. are to be found in the site. theory.tifr.res (

Looking for a comprehensive Hindi language resource base online? If your answer is in affirmative, your search ends here. Find in this colossal archive Hindi language search results from Google; downloadable fonts and softwares including language kit, keyboard programs, Devanagari scripting tools; sharewares and freewares; language tutorials and teaching assistances and you just name it! You can even enlighten yourself about the relationship of Hindi language to other similar languages. The entertainment freaks won't feel let down as well for this site has in its rich repertoire the list of Hindi film songs, Hindi radio and TV services, Hindi newspapers and magazines and many more. This vast repository is just a meager click away!

bhashaindia (

With the popularity of Internet growing ever so surely on Indian soil, the need to introduce indigenous character set for computing became relevant. Read up this web portal to acknowledge the significance of hosting web pages in Hindi. Microsoft Bhasa came forward to host Hindi web pages using embedded fonts with WEFT. Go through the treatise to learn font basics, how to configure the web page, page analysis, page uploading and troubleshooting techniques. Also find in the site developers' guidelines, tutorials and resources, case studies, online quizzing, discussion forums, Bhasa contests and a number of other relevant topics. (

Are you a fresh new learner of Hindi language? You are bound to have a difficult time with the nuances of spelling techniques and intricacies of grammatical rules. Now what would you feel like if you are given an English - Hindi dictionary and that too for free? Yes, you can have not just one but a number of other dictionaries belonging to different languages like Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, etc. No matter where you are from, you can comprehend and learn Hindi better with these lexicons. Download the all-inclusive English to Hindi Shabdanjali to your desktop and embark on your cherished linguistic journey right now!

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