Best Sites for Languages

Best Sites for Languages
malayalamresourcecentre ciil
Languages are the basis of basic human interaction within the society. With the development of wider societies and their spread far and wide across the countries, languages became an important means of communicating, expressing, exchanging ideas, opinions and views at all levels of the society. Mentioned below are few links which take you across to various different regional languages of India for your reference.

indianlanguages (

A major Indian language portal provides an excellent resource for people who need to use regional Indian languages. Some of the major languages available on this site include Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi. Devnagari fonts for various fonts are also available. In this site one look up for meanings, write email in the regional language of your choice and post articles written in regional languages by simply registering in the site.

bhashaindia (

India is a country which uses many languages in the different parts of the country be it for personal use or use of business. Bhashaindia thus aims to provide a single platform for people to cross language barriers and communicating with each other for their purposes. A Very informative site and meticulously prepared in order to meet the requirement of the developer community, the linguistic experts and the people at the general end. This site aims to induce the touch of the regional language with the framework for information technology for widening its horizons.

malayalamresourcecentre (

This website not only provides extensive information on Malayalam language, in fact the Indian constitution is provided in Malayalam, along with a variety of general information on education, industry, tourism etc of Kerala. A very useful option of sending email in Malayalam along with special software such as Malayalam tutor, English tutor, Malayalam font package is also available for the benefit of the users.

ciil (

This is the website of the central Institute of Indian Languages. This institute aims to develop the Indian Languages in a uniform and unified manner. This institute encourages inter disciplinary research and enrichment of literary material of varied Indian languages. A central body who supervises and aids the state level bodies regarding language issues, creation of literary content in all Indian Languages, preservation and maintenance of minor and tribal languages and promote the Indian languages world wide are the major objectives of the organization.

wordanywhere (

This site is useful in providing meaning of Hindi and Telugu words. It also allows wildcard and phonetic word searches too. It also provides useful information about Indian recipes, culture and jokes. One can also make use of the link which enables the sender to send messages in regional language.

acharya (

The major information available on this website is related to computation of Indian languages. This is a major initiative of the IIT Madras who has been engaged in developing interactive computer applications in most of the Indian languages. This website is quite popular for its free interactive Sanskrit lessons.

dir.hinkhoj (

this portal specializes in providing information and directory searches in hindi language. With multiple links related to Hindi websites relating to news, culture, tourism, recipes. It forms an interesting and novel venture to browse through it.

marathimitra (

A premier site which teaches the Marathi language in the spoken form. It is aided by very interactive and interesting multimedia for easy and quick learning of the language. With audio help and a ready reckoner of commonly used English words and expressions along with the Marathi counterpart will assist you in learning the Marathi language with ease and comfort.

gujaratilexicon (

One of the best known site on gujarati language and its dictionaries. One can easily locate thesaurus, antonyms, idioms and many more. This site also offers variety of write up, online magazines and ample gujarati literature all online.

quillpad (

This is site is very user friendly and enables the users to type in English alphabets for words in regional languages on the basis of their phonetics. The in built software transliterates the words in to the required Indian regional language. The language options available are Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. By using this site for typing in regional language words in English language and rest assured the outcome will be the correctly spelled out word as required by the user. This site will prove very useful for people who want to send some message across in a particular regional language.

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