Best Sites for Political Science

Best Sites for Political Science
Treated as a field of Social Sciences, Political Science is the study of constitution of a country and different political aspects. It involves the study of governmental systems and operations. Accordingly, Political Science often studies the workings of trade unions, corporations, churches or other forms of groups that need not be 'political' as far as law and administration are concerned but have similar complexities of governmental procedures. The study of Political Science also concerns international relations, political theories, history, political economy, foreign policies, public administration, Federalism, Information Technology and a number of other academic fields. The term 'Political Science' came into existence in 1880 by Herbert Baxter Adams, a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University. Political Science is taught in all the major institutes in India and abroad. Web resources for Political Science are also vast, arraying from rudimentary aspects to eclectic research topics. assists you snap up complete information regarding on line journals in Political Science, Political Science careers, Political Science terms, Political Science reviews, etc. by enlisting below the top ten websites on Political Science.

crl (

Looking to find exhaustive web resources for Political Science? Visit this site to get a number of websites that offer free on line books accessible by all. On line journals in Political Science are also available. Browse through the website to amass handy reference and ready-to-hand facts and figures on Political Science and other fundamental branches of Social Sciences. Get in touch with them in case you feel some crucial websites have been omitted or if you want to let them know your feedback.

sagepub (

Get an enlightening piece of Political Science resource from this shopping portal hosted by SAGE Publications. The International Political Science Review is the official journal of the International Political Science Association. It has a huge following all over the globe for its forthrightness and groundbreaking conceptualizations. The articles published in this journal are results of stringent researches and studies done by experts. Take note of the fact that this journal comes in different prices for individuals and for institutions. You can order for an electronic version or a printed copy of the book. The coalesced package, however, is less expensive.

ijps (

Welcome to the homepage of the Indian Journal of Political Science. Glean through the links offering subscription facilities, research papers, web references and many other unique features pertaining to the study of Political Science. Also find detailed contact information of the concerned authorities in the Indian Political Science Association. Check out the latest news and events going around at the Association. See how you can be a member of the Indian Political Science Association. Simply click on the following link to mug up exclusive details.

factmonster (

How far are you acquainted with the political geography of India? Does this term sound unfamiliar to your ears? In case your answer is in affirmative, don't refrain yourself from flashing a cursory glance at this web portal brought to you by FACT MONSTER. The encyclopedic assemblage of places from the nook and corner of the country is validated by useful information on their geographical and population details. Also find other subjects such as History, Medicine, Religion and Philosophy, Arts and Literature, People, Earth and Environment, etc. The political geography of International places are also enlisted to give you a panoramic view.

careerindia (

Want to establish your career as an able administrator? Studying Political Science opens up the avenues of being in the thick of things in bureaucracy. Political Science careers offer rich potential for growth and fame. Visit this web portal to browse through the Political Science career options such as Membership of Legislative Assembly, Membership of Legislative Councils, Membership of Parliament, political journalism, political analysis and research, various positions in political parties, Public Administration and Public Relations, Labor management, Labor studies, political communications, etc. Also acknowledge the fact that only a Political Science student can secure a berth in the United Nations Organization (UNO). Isn't it enough to initiate a shiver across your spines? Click on the following link to get detailed information.

punjabkesari (

Cracking civil services like the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and other state level administrative services is a dream-come-true for any aspirant. This web portal, hosted by Punjab Kesari, harps on the prospective careers in Political Science. Check out the details of the Union Public Service Commission exam with regards to eligibility criteria and syllabus. Do find other links like career guide, career news, counseling, scholarship options, programs for state board level exams like CBSE, list of engineering colleges, how and where to study abroad, interview tips and a plethora of others.

indianbooks (

Getting confused with Political Science terms? Check out this shopping portal to get a unique lexicon of Political Science jargons. Not just Political Science but other interrelated disciplines like Geography, Psychology, Anthropology, Ecology, Economics, Palaeontology, Statistics, Sociology, Human Biology, etc. are also included in the book to serve study and research purposes. If you have any queries related to the book, feel free to get in touch with India Books. To do that, you just need to fill in a form mentioning your name and e-mail address. Their Sales and Support team will get back to you promptly.

jmi (

Get on line access to journals in Political Science published by premier web portals. Blackwell Synergy Journals, JSTOR, Taylor and Francis, Project Muse and other virtual databases offer comprehensive web resources for Political Science. Students and researchers will derive ample study materials from these journals and publications.

onlineteachers (

Seeking a Political Science teacher? This on line teaching portal caters to your need of finding out a trusted teacher. Get comprehensive on line guidance for the study of Political Science and other subjects included in the curricula of different state board exams. You can also download CBSE sample question papers, notes, syllabus, etc. Check out the results of Class X and Class XII board exams by clicking on the relevant links. Also find the official website links of major Indian institutes. Don't hesitate to take part in the survey conducted by

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