Best Sites for Sociology

Best Sites for Sociology
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Sociology is a relatively modern branch of academics dealing with human-social relationship. The study of Sociology involves the distinctive features of society such as hierarchies, classes, etc. As an applied field of discipline, Sociology encompasses a number of interdisciplinary fields like demography, criminology, environmental sociology, etc. Since its emergence in the early 19th century as a reaction to several modern complexities enshrouding over human existence, Sociology exercises its impact on economic, cultural and political schemes of a nation. Studying Sociology at UG and PG levels and beyond that is a much sought after academic choice of many students across India and around the globe. Sociology studies can open up bright career options for an aspirant. These days, you can easily avail of a colossal amount of on line resources for Sociology in a matter of seconds. Team up with to take a peep into the top ten websites on Sociology enumerated below. (

The virtual Book Shop of India has a vast database of books on various academic disciplines including Sociology. Find a book named Religious Conversion in India : Modes, Motivations, and Meanings in their colossal collection. Read up the content summary of the book to ascertain yourself with the concept and practice of religious conversion in India. Also learn about the multitudinous religious practices and beliefs. Add the book to your on line shopping bag after checking out the terms and conditions. (

NBC India is arguably India's biggest online book store databasing a colossal amount of books on various disciplines. Visit their official web portal to shop for Urban Sociology, Capitalism and Modernity authored by Savage, Warde, Alan and Mike. Check out the shipping details and other useful information regarding the purchase of this book. In case you happen to like the book, feel free to tell your friend about the book. Also see whether you can find your desired book in NBC India's virtual archive. The search box will come handy in this regard. (

The article you are going to read up in this web portal hosted by the famous Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur throws some light on the sociological perspective of merit with regards to the influence of social environment. When it comes to social environment, a lot of factors are to be considered in order to be able to derive any definitive reason behind the dispersion of merit among human beings who are born more or less equal. Take some time to check out the link given below. (

Want to have an e-journal of Sociology? Take a peep into this web portal to find comprehensive listings of on line resources for Sociology. The journals are published from the house of Canadian Association of Learned Journals. You can have either complete text links or HTML links. Also take a tour to the archives section to find other journals on different disciplines.

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Looking for Sociology terms? Searching for a dictionary you can safely bank upon while studying Sociology? India Books comes up with A Comprehensive Dictionary of Terms in Anthropology, Sociology and Allied Disciplines to aid students and research scholars. This dictionary covers a broad spectrum of interrelated academic disciplines such as Geography, Psychology, Anthropology, Ecology, Economics, Palaeontology, Statistics, Sociology, Human Biology, etc. Click on the link given below to go shopping at competitive pricing!

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This online teaching portal caters to your need of finding out a trusted teacher. Get comprehensive online guidance for the study of Political Science and other subjects included in the curricula of different state board exams. You can also download CBSE sample question papers, notes, syllabus, etc. Check out the results of Class X and Class XII board exams by clicking on the relevant links. Also find the official website links of major Indian institutes. Don't hesitate to take part in the survey conducted by to let your opinions make a difference.

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Sociological studies primarily deals with society, its workings and the mutual reciprocation of society and human beings. This edifying article titled 'Sociology and Modern Social Problems' by Charles A. Ellwood focuses on the definition of Sociology and significance of studying Sociology. It also encompasses certain key aspects of the concept of Sociology. The relationship of Sociology with other branches of academics has also been established. Read up the treatise to learn more.

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How far are you aware of the latest sociological doctrines and ideas? M. Francis Abraham from the esteemed Oxford University Press authors an introductory book on the latest advancements in sociological studies and research. Glean through the summarized description of the book, hallmarks and readership. Click on the name of the author to mug up relevant details about his profile and accomplishments as an author. Go through the reviews of the book and submit your own reviews as well. The search box given in the web page will enable you go for a customized search to get more specific results.

scholarswithoutborders ( is a much sought after website for its vast resources. The cost-effective traits of the site has endeared it to the viewers. You can order books online from here. Written by M. Francis Abraham, Modern Sociological Theory deals with the apparent difference of opinion in analyzing Sociology, the most contemporary wings of sociological studies and various other doctrines of Sociology incorporating of phenomenological sociology, structural functionalism, symbolic interactionism, conflict theory, etc.

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Wondering about what choices you have at your disposal when it comes to make careers in Sociology? Well, Metric offers you rewarding career prospects in the fields of research and other advanced studies. So don't stay back if you have earned yourself a degree in Sociology. At Metrics, you will rub shoulders with the best in the industry and subsequently you are bound to grow in stature and experience. Take a look at the link furnished below.

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