Best Sites For Animals

Best Sites For Animals
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Ask anyone "who is a manís best friend?" and the answer will be unanimously "dog". Well, seriously speaking animals do form good friends and fun to be with. To learn about their personality and to find out how they react to a certain thing as they do, is awesome experience. Ask animal lovers who have worked with animals throughout their life and they will tell you what different lessons they learn everyday from their animal friends. Animals have principle methods of living and you can find this out by studying one species at a time. For the time being spend time with in getting to know the animal kingdom better.

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Learn about animal husbandry in this site. Central Cattle Development organizations and NP CBB are promoted by the Animal Husbandry Division. Find out more in details from this website. Learn about sheep development, poultry, piggery, fodder development and also live stock health. Know what conservation programmes they follow and what assistance they provide to poultry farms. Find out more from their site.

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Dolphin facts, horse breeds, cheetah information, Tiger pictures, shark pictures, baby animals and a lot of other animal information is covered in this site. Find out how animals see in the dark and how their sense work. Get elephant facts and also a broader classification of the animal kingdom. If you did not know about the endangered animal species, you will get to know from this site. Visit the site to know more.

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Are you a dedicated animal lover? Do you want to do something about them? You can be a part of this group who has dedicated themselves to the control of stray dog populations and canine rabies to bring down human mortality and improve animal welfare. They have dedicated veterinarians and caretakers supported by International volunteers. Find out how you can be a part of this entire project. See if their work interests you. You can be a volunteer or partner. You can even fund raise for them. Click on the link and find out more interesting things about them.

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Look for animal protection laws and other information about animal rights here. See what you can do to help animal welfare. You can even post in your queries to one of Delhiís leading veterinary practioners. Know about your animalís or pet's zodiac to understand its personality better. They also have a helpline from where you can get the phone numbers of your vet in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. This is an interesting site. Find out more from here.

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Do you know which are the endangered species in the animal kingdom? Have you thought why you need to conserve them? Were you aware of the legal angle in protecting animals? If you donít have answers to these questions then visit the site. Find out what is exactly meant by endangered species. Surely your love for the animal kingdom will take you further in to this site. But, you should be aware that you can also do your bit for the conservation of the endangered animals. Find out how, from this site.

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This is a one stop site for you if you are interested in gathering information on the wide variety of wildlife in India. This is a site which brings to you authentic news and information on the wild life conservation efforts that are being undertaken by the Indian government. It also divulges the details about the various wildlife national parks in India. There are some amazing snaps of various Indian animals which are posted in this sit. Definitely a site worth a peek is you are an animal lover.

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This is an interesting site which brings delineates the various mythological animals of India. Indian religions especially Hinduism has used animal myths and animal imagery from time immemorial. The cow is almost considered sacred in India. There are also a host of mythological tales which involve animals. In fact Lord Ganesha a powerful Indian deity has an elephant head. So log into this site for an interesting review on the mythological animals of India.

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Hunting for information on animals? The look no more for this is a perfect site for you which brings you a host of authentic articles on the animal kingdom. A wide array of animals and their lifestyle and habit and habitat are dealt with in these article which is well written and informative. This is definitey a cuase for jubiliantion for all animal lovers.

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If you are an animal lover here is a site which is ready to nurture your love for them. Now you can download hordes of animal wall papers from this to put up in your mobile. These cute and fascinating wallpapers can be the showpiece of your mobile set. So, all you animal aficionados just log into this site to take advantage of this exciting offer by yahoo India.

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If you are an animal lover who want to do something for the well being of Indian animals but don't know how to go about it this site is ready to enlighten you. This site provides information about animal loverís organizations in India which strive to improve the plight of the Indian animals and make an effort to prevent cruelty on them. So glance through is site and feel for those poor creatures who are being utilized and abused by men.

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