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The Visual Media plays a very important role today. Visual ideas have many forms like photographs, paintings, films, theater and illustrations. However, slowly but surely animation is taking the world by storm. Animation has become a booming part of this visual extravaganza creating a revolution in the imaging fields, opening the floodgates for new methods of visual communication and expression. Animation primarily deals with images of both 2D and 3D objects and networks via the help of which an optical illusion can be created in order to cause a soothing disturbance in the normal vision of an individual. Find more with

Crestindia (

This studio based in Mumbai prides itself of a highly creative environment. Their sole aim is to make their client’s vision come true. They provide computer 3D animation services, hybrid 2D and 3D animation and traditional 2D animation services. Take a tour of their site to find interesting things. Read on to know more about this pioneer in animation. Take a look now.

Tataelxsi (

They offer world class 3D animation services to a diverse client list. Their clients include names from Hollywood and Bollywood both. Famous ad film makers and some TV producers worldwide have taken their services. Their services include 3D character modeling, texturing, rigging, sets, animation, compositing, visual effects and content creation for films, television internet and CBTs. Take a look now.

Dci (

They provide extensive services in 2D animation, 3D animation and special effects. Their areas of expertise include the Web, broadcast, film and CD. They offer services from pre-production to post production stages. View their sample work of 2D and 3D animations and more. View their site now.

Animationacademyindia (

Their very site gives you a clear idea of their course. They provide ready and skillful professionals to the workplace. You could try your hand in creating that character which will find a permanent place in people’s minds. Their animation courses are quite interesting. Know about the courses offered on animation, their admission procedures, and why there is a need for classical animation. Know more from their site.

Kaushalam (

Animation had been a part of entertainment , education and the media since earlier times. But it was obviously not as advanced as it is today. Kaushalam tells you all about animation and the services it offers. You will have a good idea about the different forms of animation from this site. Learn more about 2D and 3D animation with them.

Smbzone.indiatimes (

Karnataka State Open University has become the first accredited institute in the country to offer a degree course in animation. For those of you interested in a career in animation, this will be informative for you. Read on to find out more about their curriculum.

Indianimation (

The main objective of this portal is to build a brand name for Indian Animation in the global market, as expressed by Mr. Biren Ghosh its MD. They have various modules for different media. Take a look at their computer animation, animation art, animation college and more.

Pixel-studios (

It primarily deals with 2D and 3D animation, and gives colour to the presentation from layout design to its completion. Take a look at the services that they provide. They also have an online portfolio which you can visit. The way they work is also elaborated in the site. Go have a look at their case studies for a better understanding of the organization.

Toonzwebelacademy (

A collaboration between WEBEL and TOONZ Animation, this academy is responsible for providing classroom coaching in Animation to the would-be animators of West Bengal. Their main aim is to select, develop and train Indian students to successfully compete for professional artistic positions in the marketplace. Take a look at their academic profile, the placements they offer and more in the site.

Arena-multimedia (

It is the multimedia division of Aptech and is considered to be the pioneer in imparting multimedia education in India. Its main focus is to meet the everlasting need of the global animation industry. Visit the student zone to know what they think. Find out about their placement cell and their business partners. See what courses they have to offer on animation.

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