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The term architect refers to a person whose main function is to plan, design or oversee the construction of a building. The word "architect" derives from the Greek word 'arkhitekton'. Loosely speaking, an architect is a person who integrates the user's needs into the builder's requirements. An architect must thoroughly understand the building and operational codes under which his or her design must conform. An architect is a pretty revered person in the society. An architect must also be a visionary person for just as a writer identifies a central theme around which to build a story and constructs a plot, an architect forms ideas, sketches, makes blueprints of his designs and then sees them come to life as cottages, skyscrapers and even monuments. This occupation literally forms one of the pillars of society. Architects in India also have quite a lucrative career. This page delineates information about the job opportunities of architects in India, Course on architecture and the nuances of this profession are also delved into in this web page.

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This is an article where you will get to know what falls within the jurisdiction of an architect. What that term means and what his job entails. It tells you about the kind of hard work and persistence thatís needed to be an excellent architect. Science students who have good academic record can study B Arch which is a five years degree course in Architecture. This is a site which provides information on Naval architecture and landscape architecture also apart from imparting generic information on architects.

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All you aspiring architect now you don't have to hunt down authentic information on your prospective career for this is a site from where you can get comprehensive information on architecture as a career in India. Architects need to have the sensitivity of an artist, through knowledge as an educator and the persistence and hard work of a construction manager of field supervisor. It delineates details on the eligibility criterions and entrance procedure into architectural courses among which B Arch is the most important. It also defines what exactly an architect does.

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For all you wannabe architects this is a virtual treasure trove where you can weigh all your options of having a career in architecture. Architecture is a field of studies which deals mainly with the designing, planning and construction of buildings. These buildings may be residential commercial or industrial. But this simplistic definition is not enough to form a fair idea about the nitty-gritties of this profession. To know more about this profession jut log into this site and be bombarded with information on architecture and architects.

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This is a top job site of India where literally thousands of job opportunities for architects in India has been enlisted. Architecture is quite lucrative career with high profile architects claiming astounding sum of money. To get hold of these hot jobs all you have to do is visit this site and search for the job which suits you best. So don't wait just peek into this site and get going on the process of landing your dream job.

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This is a site which is a filled with relevant information which could be very useful for students of architecture. All you aspiring architects can gather hordes of information on your profession from this site. This is a site which provides links to other architecture related sites also. It also throws light on the specialized discipline of landscape architecture. Architecture has evolved over the years and along with it so have the various styles. Landscape architecture is another vital stream of architecture that has evolved into a completely new discipline. With cities now turning into cement and steel jungles, one must admit that landscaping does play a very vital role.

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For all those who dream of making it big in as an architect this could be a gem of a site. This is a site where you can glean myriads of details on the ways of being a good architect. It emphasizes the character traits that are necessary and desired if you are to make it to the helm of architectural career. Students having academically good background in physics and mathematics are better suited for the study of architecture. An aspirant for the field of architecture should be a creative artist with an interest and bent towards designing. Different courses available to the wannabe architects are also jotted down here

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This is a site which outlines the necessary facts about having a wonderful career as an architect. Architecture is a field which is still in great demand in a developing country like India. Growth and prosperity of an economy, to an extent is reflected in its physical appearance. The industry responsible for this is the construction industry, which for quite sometime is experiencing boom and hence the number of architects in India involved in construction are also flourishing. This is a site which brings together the details and information on the various institutes of India who undertake courses on architecture.

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This is a site which strives to realize your dream of being a great architect. This is an institution from where you can get a proper know how of what architecture aptitude is all about. They not only help you understand your aptitude for being an architect you can enhance your skills and increase your chances of admission into an elite Architectural college. From here you will know to prepare for B.Arch., Architecture Aptitude Entrance Exams & GATE/CEED examinations. If you register with this institution you can avail study material & practice papers, and tutorials for B.Arch. Entrance Examination for admission in various universities of India.

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Architecture, in particular is the study which deals with planning and designing of building and structures. An Architect amalgamates his vision and dreams with materials to erect milestones which leave a powerful imprint on human mankind. Today, architecture has taken a totally different shape. The rapidly changing demands of modern age calls for professionally trained architects who not only cope with changing times but also design and deliver quality, environment friendly constructions. To know about the work of an architect, the job prospects and the institutions where architecture is taught do visit this site.

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This is a one stop site which touches upon all the quintessential qualities and architect's profession. It tells you about the personal attributes and academic qualities which help you to materialize your dream of being an architect. It also elucidates on the different institution which has B Arch or degree courses on architecture and the entrance exams conducted in these institutes. The job scenario of the architects in India is also investigated in this article.

Fulfill your dream of being a great architect with the help of this web page which bring you all the pertinent information regarding this profession.

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