Best Sites For Archives

Best Sites For Archives
Most people these days want to have a personal collection of music, games, and pictures, learning kits and what not stored in their PC. Keeping this demand in mind, most websites offer a storehouse of items called the “archives”. These online archives are exhaustive and mop a wide spectrum of variety. To aid you in your search for the one-stop resources of collectible things, makes a list of the best 5 such archives. These 5 websites are definitely the archive pools.

Musicindiaonline (
This is a music archive for the music fanatics. The huge collection of downloadable songs gives the listener a niche to call their own. All you have to do is hit on the site and start your jukebox. Queue up the songs you want to listen online. Lift up your spirits while working, partying at home and relaxing. Songs in regional languages, hindi chartbusters, pop, jazz, ghazals – a treasure house of Indian music.

nationalgeographic (
All those who prefer keeping all the information from the nooks and corners of the globe on their finger-tips, are devoted viewers of National geographic channel. Now, even hectic work schedule and teething job pressure cannot detach them from their urge to be in touch with the world. has cumulated online magazines in their monthly archives. Subscribe to this world racer and satisfy your thirst to know what is going around globally.

Nationalarchives (
This website probes into the past and present of India. It is the online library of all the record of the Indian government. So scholars, interested onlookers and administrative personnel who require gleaning information will find it extensively helpful. Just type in the keyword in the search box and the archive of information will be displayed.

Thewildlifetravels (
Photos of wildlife and nature is an all time favorite surfing zone. Hundreds of websites caters to the taste of animal lovers. takes you to an unforgettable journey to the land of the wild. Furnished with Indian tour guide and map of travel, this website gives you authentic and useful tips on how to plan your tours.

Game savvy youngsters can find a respite here in If you have been searching for a particular game of late, you can search it in the search box of this master archive. Play online or download any cool game. You can become a pally with the members of gaming community and know about games, tricks and the latest game heating up the young minds.

fundoodata (
This online archive gives you a whole list of companies. You can view them in respect to the industries they belong to. If you want to visit a banking sector you can do it right here. Let this act as you comprehensive access tool to the various companies in different sectors.

khoj (
This Indian directory leads you to the various sections of arts, business, computers, culture, entertainment and more. This archive helps you to further view links from health, family, regional and more sections. Take a look at the site and fins out how they can easily guide you.

This is an archive for art galleries and libraries. Find the list of National museums all across the country. Read about the museums in the country and learn more about them. Know the history of the places and view their cultural history through the descriptions given here. Take a look now.

oxfordbookstore (
This is for all you book lovers. Your online archive of books is right here. Now you can get all information about the books that you have always loved to read. Besides, this archive also gives you information on music and gifts. Take a look.

indiatoday (
Welcome to the archive of the India Today Group. If you have missed out on certain news or are simply looking for a past reference then this is the site to be. Find the important information you want from the site and update yourself. Choose from the neatly segregated sections and take a peep in to any particular subscription that you want.

Last updated on : 29-Oct-2013

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