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Art and craft form an integral part of cultural India. It brings out the true essence of the country. Owing to its vast culture, India produces the most amazing art and craft you can ever imagine. India is blessed with creatively skilled artisans, painters and craftsmen since ancient ages. Its creative art and craft makes it sought after by many. The proof lies in the famous monuments and museums in the country. The Indian art and craft makes India a famous tourist destination.

People love to shop in India for the variety it provides in art and craft. Every region has it unique creative art and craft. There are many websites that not only provide a glimpse of the traditional arts and crafts of India, but also gives information for making them at home. Here are the top art and craft websites in India:

Handicraft  (

This is one of the best art and craft portals in India. It has tabs explaining each of the handicrafts by product category, their historical significance, the different processes used to make them, the varied materials used and the industries that help in promoting these traditional handicrafts. The site has numerous articles giving information about each item.

Web India 123  (

This is one of the largest websites for arts and crafts. It provides tips and techniques to make different items at home using limited and easily available materials. The items are categorized as Kids Craft, Needle Work, Wall Hangings, Painting, Flower Making, Toy Making etc. Each of these categories has articles that give detailed instructions for making a particular type of the craft, like Painting has Batik Design, Water Color Painting, Leaf Painting etc.

Gifts-Crafts  (

This is one of the biggest directories of companies that deal with arts, crafts, and materials that are used to make them. There are 35 categories of such items here including religious crafts, marble handicrafts, shell crafts, earthenware, Christmas decorations, glass handicrafts, candle crafts and artistic materials. Each item category has a list of businesses involved in the manufacture or/and supply of these.

India Net Zone (

This website covers various aspects of arts and crafts in India, which includes paintings, photography, sculpture, crafts and dances. Each of these has sub categories explaining their different types like Indian crafts has sub categories like Leather Craft and Wood Crafts, and Indian Paintings has Folk and Tanjore Paintings. You can find here information about their origin, significance, techniques and procedures.

Pitara  (

This is one of the best art and craft websites for kids. It has over 100 art and craft activities for children of different ages that can enhance their creative skills, keep them occupied for hours and give them a sense of achievement after completion of the art/ craft. The art and craft ideas include instructions for making pencil stand using old bangles, paper plate masks, decorating Easter eggs, and models out of matchsticks.

India Site  (

This is another great website for information on Indian arts and crafts. It has several articles on arts and crafts like terracotta, tribal arts and weaving. These give details on the destinations they are famous for and their different kinds. You can also find here articles that provide information on each state’s arts and crafts. For instance, Himachal Pradesh has Wood Carving, Pahari Paintings, Thangkas, and Metal Work.

Step By Step (

This website has how-to guides and tutorials for making a variety of arts, crafts and other entertaining stuff like writing song lyrics and doing a quick change card trick. The site caters to both kids and adults. The instructions given in the tutorials are easy to understand and follow for both. Some of the art and craft tutorials here are origami for kids, sketching people’s faces, Halloween games for adults, and making fabric rose flowers.

Craft Site Directory  (

Crafts Site Directory is one of the largest directories of websites for arts and crafts in the world. It lists sites that have tutorials, online stores for buying supplies and shops that sell arts and crafts. The website has 173 categories of different types of arts and crafts including doll making, knitting, wood craft, decorative painting, egg art, decoupage, flower making, origami, pottery, and needlework.

Indian Heritage  (

Indian Heritage provides articles and photographs of different traditional arts, crafts, paintings and sculptures of the country. The site discusses common design patterns, embroidery stitches, sand art and textiles in India. The photographs here give a fair idea of the creativity of the artisans of the country. You can also find external links to websites involved with selling and curating traditional handicrafts and paintings.

Crafts in India  (

Crafts in India is one of the top art and craft websites in India providing users informed account about this cultural heritage of our country. The categories here include Paintings, Handicrafts, Textile, jewellery, and Carpets. The site also has latest updates from craft focused fairs in India, craft ideas for celebrating different festivals and an e-store where one can buy various traditional craft works.

Some other Art And Crats websites are mentioned below:

This tells you almost all that you would want to know about henna body art. Exhaustive information on henna is given in this site. It is user friendly and gives information through sub headings neatly separated. There is art for sale which users can buy by placing online orders. Few of the designs are also displayed for viewers to get a feel of the different forms of body art present. Those who are interested in art and craft will find this site really interesting. Take a look.

For those who are interested in the myriad art and craft entertainment culture of India, this site is a complete treat for them. You will have access to a whole lot of entertainment. You can select a State of your choice and get into the entertainment provided there. You may choose by a State or you can choose by categories like architecture or movies or fine art etc.

Find a cosmic dragonfly, Jesus, a commercial girl, creator of clouds and more in this online art gallery. You can choose to view art and craft by theme, style, size, colour etc. Whether you are a buyer or artist you can register here. Showcase your artistic product here for others to view or purchase. Online art galleries like this provide a new forum to the artists to exhibit their work to a wider public. View work of arts or register as a buyer, whatever it is, the site will give you ample choice and exposure. Visit the site to find out more.

Get amazed by their eclectic collection of contemporary Indian art and craft. Find art works in reasonable prices right here in this online art gallery. Choose from a range of different styles and find the best. View their online art gallery and see the variations in style that they possess. Learn about the artists and get to see their entire collection. You can even order online. For more comprehensive information on this kind of art and craft visit the site.

Beading times is a magazine about beading. You will get all your beading tip, marketing tip, featured bead artist, beading culture, the design corner and more right here. This form of art and craft is highly popular among the Indian masses. Look through the Indian glass beads and dazzle your eyes with their beauty. Find out more form the site.

(Paper marbling is easy. Yes, it is. Try it out and see results for yourself. Create your own designs and patterns. How you will do it, find out from the site. The precise and step by step instructions given in this site makes the entire process all the more easier. Try out this form of art and craft and discover the fun side in you. (

A very famous name in Indian Handicraft stores is Fabindia. With its range of ethnic handicrafts from the country of varied culture, Fabindia has showcased Indian handloom textiles while including home products too. Take a look at the products in this handicraft store. One look and you will definitely want to take them home. Fabindia provides extremely stylish yet very Indian products. Take a look. (

They have redefined fashion art and craft. Choose from their fashion accessories to bags to home furnishing stores. This handicraft store has everything from casual bags to shawls, bed covers, cushion covers and more. Their team of highly talented designers contributes to their exclusiveness. Visit the site and take a look at their products. Visit this handicraft store for your art and craft need. (

Famous for Dokra, jute products, bamboo works, leather crafts, Durga Chalchitras, Bengal carves a niche among famous art and craft producers. It brings you the most fabulous bamboo works, the most beautiful dokra and the most fascinating Durga Idols. Visit this extremely useful link and find out about the creative art and craft of the enchanting State of Bengal.

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