Best Sites For Appliqué

Best Sites For Appliqué
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Appliqué is a decorative form of needlework mostly used in Orissa temples. It is the technique of stitching pieces of variety coloured fabrics on a piece of cloth to give it a bright and lustrous look. To make the work look more beautiful and catchy, beads, sequins and other items are used. This art work can be done either by hand or with the help of machines. This popular form of embroidery is done in almost all states of India under different names. Orissa, Gujarat and Bihar are some of the states working on various forms of appliqué work. Huge variety of products such as cushion covers, bed covers, saris, dresses, umbrellas, lampshades, bags, wall hangings and lots more are created by this appliqué art form. The demand for this creative needle work is increasing day by day both in national as well as international market. Here you get 10 websites on appliqué art form to enhance your knowledge.


Appliqué work is very famous in India. It is commonly used in dresses, gift items and products. This site provides an article to update your knowledge on the changing patterns of appliqué works. Know from this site how this decorative form of art has changed from classical designs to modern ones.


Wish to buy wall hangings made of appliqué work? Visit this site and you will get products of appliqué designs to choose from. Moreover, this site gives you a description of the product on sale. You can choose and place an online order for the product of your site.

India crafts(

This definitely is a very handy site for you if you are searching for information on appliqué art in a precise and compact manner. Visit this site and upgrade your knowledge on the basics of appliqué works in different states of India.

shalincraft india(

Visit this site if you wish to buy some excellent works of appliqué decorations on lampshades. This site provides you with a wide range of variety in lampshade to choose from. Make your choice and you can also place an online purchase order through this site.


The decorative appliqué embroidery umbrellas are truly a creation of beauty and art to preserve. Visit this site and see for yourself how royal and fascinating these umbrellas look. Here you will also get lampshades in appliqué designs. Choose according to your choice and budget.

Indian Embroidery((

Wish to know about the decorative art of appliqué? Go through this site and get yourself well versed about appliqué, its types and the applications. Also see through the photo gallery of the products such as cushions, bed covers done in appliqué work.

Crafts Indianetzone(

Interested to know about the creation, history, features, resources, equipments and products needed in appliqué work? For thorough knowledge in this decorative form of needlework, visit this site. You will get all information that you want to know about appliqué from here.


Want to learn the art of appliqué? Get books that will help you learn about designs and patterns of this art form. From this site you can buy books on appliqué by ordering online according to your choice. Detailed information on relevant issues such as price, shipping charges etc. are provided here.


Visit this site to see bright works of appliqué on a cotton bed cover. Know from this site all information on this product and the art of appliqué work. Here you also get all related info if you wish to place an order for the product from this site.


Visit this site to view some beautiful designs and works of Rajasthani appliqué work. From this site you can place order for products of your choice. Apart from this, here you get thorough details about the item, shipping details, payment options and brief information on applique art work. So, visit the site and make your choice.

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