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An art supplier or an art dealer is a person or organization that buys and sells works of art. An art dealer or supplier typically seeks out various artists to represent. They usually also have a huge network of collectors and museums whose interests are likely to match with that of the artist whom he represents. These art suppliers or dealers must have keen business acumen for they must understand the business side of the art world. They keep themselves updated with the trends and fads of the art world and try to determine an art work’s value by examining its stylistic features. Art dealer or art supplier is a word with wide connotation which includes dealers of handicrafts, antiques, sculptures and painting. India with its rich tradition of art and craft is a virtual paradise for art dealers and suppliers.


This is a delightful site for art lovers. This site gives you the chance to buy as well as sell off beat artwork. They have a huge collection of artwork displayed in their website and these include paintings, bronze sculptures and handcrafted tribal masks. This site also gives a clarion call to talented artists to get their artworks displayed in this website.


This site rightly claims to be an ode to Indian art. You can glance through their extensive collection of art objects and be wooed. The artifacts displayed in this website depict the skill and finesse of traditional Indian art. You have the liberty to browse through the pictorial images of your favorite category of artworks and buy them if you like.


This is a site which provides you with a list of art suppliers and dealers. This exhaustive list of art suppliers include manufactures of a wide array of art products which include hand crafted, beaded jewellery, antique wooden and brass handicrafts.


This is a site which is a site with a difference. It gives you the details of antique crafts dealer. This dealer specializes in antique jewellery which has enchanted and enthralled onlookers and wearers since time immemorial. These exquisite jewelleries which are true works of art are available in precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and are true example of craftsmanship of each era.


This site belongs to a company which has the honor of being one of the leading exporters and manufacturer of stone handicrafts and artwork in India. They produce exquisite stone sculpted garden furniture and Jali pedal stands. They are experts in creating pillars sculpted out of Indian sandstone. This would be the site for you if you are interested in decorating your home with some mesmerizing stone handicrafts.


This site brings you the most enchanting collection of folk art paintings. This art supplier has a huge repertoire of Indian painting which depicts various aspects of Indian art. Some of these painting belong to the classical school of painting while some are contemporary pieces of Indian art. This enormous collection of Indian art includes cloth painting, silk painting, real gold paining, gemstone painting and marble paintings.


This is a site which specializes in producing and selling colorful Rajasthani handicrafts. These delicate works of art are ideal for decorating homes, offices as well children's rooms. These handicrafts are made by skilled artisans who make these beautiful baubles with beads, flowers, mirror works and gold and silver tinted zaris. So glance through this site and buy some elegant Rajasthani handicraft for you home.


This site displays a long list of manufacturers and dealers of wooden handicraft and art work. These dealers deal with wooden crafts such as wooden statues, wooden candle stands, flower pots, wooden tea sets and wooden ahtrays.


This is another useful site for those hunting for handcrafted works of art. This site has an extensive list of names of companies who produce handicrafts. These artworks range from Antique swords and amours to antique coins and stamps. If you are into collecting rare objects of art this could be a useful site for you.


This site enlists a huge array of handicrafts and artwork in which they deal. These include bamboo and cane handicrafts, miniature painting, miniature figurines, beautiful hand crafted home accessories and lot many things. If you are into collecting exquisite handicrafts this is just the kind of art dealer whom you are looking for.

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