Best Sites For Body Art

Best Sites For Body Art
Human body is a unique canvas for body art. Various types of body art have been used to decorate the human body over the decades in different countries. There are two types of body art namely temporary and permanent body art. Body art like body painting or mehendi comes under the category of temporary body art. B And on the other hand body art like tattoo is a permanent body art that stays for ever. Among all body arts tattoo is perhaps the oldest form of body art that dates back to 5000 years. Even in today's time there is a craze among the modern generation all over the world. Henna or mehendi is traditionally an Indian body art painting. Find out about different aspects of body art from the

This site offers various types of body art available in the Indian market. A number of names of companies are enlisted here who sell different types of body tattoo materials like bindi tattoos, crystal tattoos, henna tattoos, stencil tattoos to name a few. There is a link to every company through which you can find out its details. You can also send response or request or to each of the company.

Bindi art is the latest addition to the body art. Perhaps the classic melodies like Teri bindia re and Bindya chamkegi have inspired such body art. Bindi art is much more than just a beauty accessory. Contemporary as well as traditional designs are made in this bindi art. Move over tattoos and body painting and for a bindi art for a special occasion. If you are interested find out more about bindi art from this site.

People from all over the world have used the human body as the unique canvas and decorated it in many ways using different types of body art. Perhaps tattoo is the oldest form of body art that began 5000 years ago. Since then till now it shows no sign of declining interest in body tattoo. This site reveals many interesting facts about the body art of tattoo.

Mehendi, or the art of henna painting on body, has been practiced since the ancient time. Traditionally the henna body art is used during the wedding ceremonies. The henna body art is completely herbal and temporary and renders no harmful effect. You can read an intriguing article on the body art of mehendi and buy books on mehendi, and other henna tattoos designs, kits, etc. online from this site.

If you are interested in body art, then you won't be disappointed by visiting this site. It presents a marvellous collection of body art tattoos exclusively for you. It has a fashionable collection of body tattoos that include both traditional and modern tattoos. You can view some of the collection of this body art tattoos from the catalog in this website.

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