Best Sites For Crewel Embroidery

Best Sites For Crewel Embroidery
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Crewel embroidery is a very famous decorative art form that dates back to the 13th century. Though the origin of this art is unknown, it is believed to have come from the east of Egypt, France and Rome. In India, crewel art has always been in great demand. Kashmiri skilled craftsmen are highly famous for their crewel embroidery stitches. Mostly done by hands, Kashmiri crewel work has a grace and elegance of its own. Crewel embroidery works are fast gaining importance and demand in international markets also. Here are 10 websites on crewel embroidery to help you gather information better.


Kashmiri crewel embroidery works have always been of high demand in both India and abroad. This site provides you with an idea about this popular and high skill form of decorative art. Know how the craftsmen of Kashmir work with effort and skill to give a bright and graceful effect to it.


Wish to buy a bright work of crewel embroidery? Have a look through this site. This site provides you with a wide range of samples of crewel embroidery designs. Go through it and know all you want to gather. You can order some good products of crewel embroidery from this site. Detailed information for purchase is given in this site.


Want to experience some good works of crewel embroidery? Visit this site and see some really good design work of crewel embroidery done by the kashmiri skilled craftsmen. Enhance your knowledge about this popular Kashmiri decorative art with the help of this site.

TInterested to know about the popular decorative art of crewel embroidery? Browse through this site and have compact information about the art of crewel embroidery, designs, history and crewel embroidery in India.


An Indian site providing detailed information about the crewel embroidery art form practiced in Kashmir. Visit this site to have full data on the crewel works done in India, tools and machinery used and the art and design of these crewel art forms. You can contact and buy crewelwork products of Kashmir from this site.


Here is a website of a Kashmiri company that deals in different forms of products done in crewel embroidery designs. Apart from getting relevant info on this popular art of Kashmir, you can contact and place online purchase order to the


Your search for relevant and detailed data on this still very popular ancient decorative form of art ends here. Go through this site and have your knowledge on this subject thoroughly up dated. This site provides you with detail information on the crewel embroidery.


To browse through a very relevant and one stop site and to have answers to all your queries, come here. From this site you get answers to all types of general questions that pop up in your mind about the crewel embroidery. Go through and have answers to all your queries.


Kashmiri crewel embroidery work is highly famous throughout the world for its elegance and graceful totality. If you are interested to know all this art form in Kashmiri context, visit this site. You will get to know about the products formed out of this art form and the various types of crewel work done in Kashmir.


This is a one stop online shopping center of crewel works for you. Visit this site and see the products of crewel embroidery works on display. The products range from curtains, cushion covers, throws and bed covers. You can place online purchase order also through this site.

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