Best Sites For Fine Arts

Best Sites For Fine Arts
The word 'fine arts' refers to a limited number of visual art forms which include painting, sculpture, architecture and printmaking. The word 'fine' doesn't denote the qualitative value of these artworks rather they indicate the purity of the discipline. This definition of fine arts however excludes other forms of visual art such as crafts or applied art such as embroidery or textile work. The term 'fine' in the phrase fine arts comes from the idea of “Final Cause” or purpose in the Aristotelian philosophy. This philosophy propagates that the Final Cause of fine art is the object of art itself, it doesn't serve any utilitarian purpose. In other words these works of art are not an means to another end except perhaps to please the beholders. India also has a rich tradition of fine arts which forms and indelible part of Indian culture.


This site claims to be the largest network of creative talent in India. This site is just the site for you if you are interested in contemporary Indian fine arts. This website serves as an online art gallery and showcases the works of talented Indian painters,sculptors and print artists. The purpose of this website is to establish the the largest pool of creative talent in India and to establish a central place for all the exponents of Fine arts in India to interact within themselves as well as the artist communities all over the world.


This site belongs to a reputed art dealing organization of India which exhibits and sells the exquisite art work of various Indian artists specializing in Fine Arts .They sell these works of art to the art lovers across the globe. This site proudly claims to have the rare honor of showcasing 'limited edition portfolio' of various renowned Indian artists. However they do claim in spite of being limited edition pictures which are usually deemed as a life time investment these pictures or works of art come at a surprisingly low cost.


This site provides you with all the details on the kind of fine arts traditions existent in India. It also elucidates the different government agencies which aid the growth of fine arts in India. It also informs you on the visual art and sculptural traditions of India. It mentions all the famous artists who are the main exponents of fine arts in modern India.


This site eulogizes the 'Temple of Fine Arts' created by Swami Shatanand in Chennai. This is a multifaceted cultural organization which promotes artists of visual arts or fine arts like painters and sculptors along with singers and dancers. It also has an art center called Lavanya Art center which sell unique Indian artifacts.


This site gives you an erudite discourse on Indian fine arts. It elaborates the varieties in which contemporary Indian works on fine arts is available. They claim that these artworks are available in the standard forms of oil on canvas, acrylic , paper or wood, water color painting on paper and also a large range of lithographs and screen prints. It also mentions various best known Indian artists like M.F.Hussain, Manjit Bawa, Anjolie Ela Menon and Rekha Krishnan.


This website showcases S.N.School which is one of the most premiere institutions of Fine arts in India. This site delineates the facilities available here and displays he various awards and scholarships offered by it. This could be an useful site for those who are interested in studying fine arts in India.


This site enlists the different institutions in India which provide Courses in Fine arts and provides their addresses and contact details too. This site is a power house of information which could be extremely useful for you if you are a fine arts enthusiast.


This site sings a paean to the All India Fine Arts and Crafts society established in 1928. AIFACS organizes art exhibitions and makes felicitates talented artist across the length and breadth of India. Its most prestigious awards include Kala Shree, Kala Bhushan and Kala Ratna. Twelve awards are given in these grades every year.


This is another provides a gamut of information on the different fine arts institutes in India. For students interested in studying fine arts this would be a delightful site. The information provided here is pretty exhaustive and includes all the esteemed fine arts institutes of India.


This is the official website of Aligarh Muslim University which is renowned for its 'Department of Fine Arts'. This site harps on the different courses available in this university as well as enlists the faculties of this department who would be teaching these courses. Definitely a site worth a peek for would be exponents of fine arts.

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