Best Sites For Glass Blowing

Best Sites For Glass Blowing
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The glass industry is known to have begun to develop only during the Graeco-Roman times. Glass is popular also as an artistic object and hence knowledge of glass blowing seems interesting to a lot of people these days. Giving glass interesting shapes and moulding them to your need is quite interesting. Given the variety in colour and shape, glass blowing can make for interesting careers. gives you opportunities to explore this arena. Be on the helm of knowledge on this creative form by taking a tour of these 10 remarkably informative sites.


The official website of the Regional Research Laboratory (RRL), Jammu, gives you the nitty grittys of glass blowing. They may not manufacture glass materials, but they definitely repair glass items. Glass blowing occupies a small yet important section of their activities. The site tells you what machines they use and the process involved. You may even take a look at the raw materials they make use of. Find out more about their activities from their site. To visit, click on the link above.


Faculty and researcher, you do not have to go further in your search for your laboratory requirements. Here is a site that will provide you with the basic support that you will need in your laboratory glass apparatus. The central glass blowing lab designs and fabricates laboratory equipments and also repairs glass apparatuses and equipments. Find out what type of glass they usually use. If you are an interested glass blower, you should get in touch with them. Get glass blowing tips from them. If you did not know how to clean your glass apparatus, then they will tell you. You can enrich yourself with their knowledge of glass as well as polish your glass blowing skills with them. Take a look.


The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has a glass blowing section which is equipped with glass and quartz blowing equipments. The unit specializes in constructing high vacuum glass apparatus and other related glass blowing works. If this interests you then you should get in touch with them. Visit their site to know more about them and find out where you can get in touch with them.


For quality in the arena of glass blowing machinery, turn to Veer Workshop. They manufacture glass blowing machines, cutting and grinding machines, glass sundries and many other scientific equipments. Take a look at their company profile and also visit their showroom online. Make your enquiries about their product at the click of a mouse. The site will give you more information than you can find here. So take a look and find out more.


Find your specially designed range of glass and quartz working tools right here on this site. Expose yourself to the high standards of reliability, quality, precision and price. Take a look at their products and contact them for any requirement on glass blowing equipment. Learn from them what new things they have to offer. For a detailed view of their products and activities, you should visit their site.

Glass wares and equipments form an important part of their products. Take a look at their range of glass blowing products and impress yourself. This is the work of art of a world renowned glass technologist. Take a look at their associate companies too besides knowing about their new developments, the various branches and agents they have. Get an idea about their client base also. Click in to find out more about them.


Your search for glass blowing solutions ends here. Tensil glass works has class, quality and precision. With over two decades in this industry, they have consistently contributed through innovation and research. You can take a look at the group companies of this glass blowing pro. Their customers also range in variety. Visit the link above to seek more information.


The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi offers a workshop on glass blowing with their two years M.Sc. programme in Chemistry. So, interested candidates contact the institute and learn about their course contents. Find out how to submit projects with them and what benefits you will reap from them during the tenure of your course. Their well equipped laboratories only make for better experimental conditions. Find out more.



Traders of glass ampoules will be found in this site. This directory consists of dealers mainly from the State of Maharashtra. But this doesn’t at all mean that others outside Maharashtra cannot send them trade enquiries. Provisions have been made for everyone visiting the site to send in their trade enquiries.

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