Best Sites For Knitting

Best Sites For Knitting
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The craft of using threads or yarn to form a piece of cloth is popularly termed as knitting. Though quite similar to crochet, knitting has its differences. Knitting can be done either by hand or through machines. Earlier hand knitting was hugely popular but now-a-days machineries are used. Ludhiana in India is very famous for its knitting industries that cater to the 30 % of export. Knitting is mainly divided in two types: weft knitting and wrap knitting. Weft knitting is done in horizontal and parallel style with the help of only one yarn. On the other hand, wrap knitting needs one yarn for each stitch and is done in vertical style. Here are 10 websites that will help you on knitting and its related issues


Tirupur district of Tamil Nadu is very famous for knitting. The biggest fair on knitted product is held in this place. It attracts a lot of people from the whole of India as well as abroad. Within a very small span of time this place has acquired international fame for its knitting products. To know all about this place and the knit fair, visit to this site.


Visit this site of an organization that deals in all sorts of knitting needles. You will get all sorts of knitting needles such as circular knitting needle, bamboo knitting needle, aluminum hand knitting needles, plastic knitting needles and more. Go through it and decide your needs to place an online purchase order to the company.


If you haven't found the type of knitting needles you are searching for, look for it in this site. This site has a variety of knitting needles in display such as solid needles, double point needles, straight needles and more. You can have your choice and place an online order.


Want to buy knitting machines? Here is the site for a world renowned agent for knitting machineries. Know from this site about the products they sell and deal with. For purchase you can contact them through this site.


Want to know about the origin of this art form of knitting? Browse through this site to know about the detailed history of knitting, its uses and materials used. From this site you also get the basic guidelines of knitting and the latest developments

Creating new patterns of knitting by taking the help of books is very


Want to about the history of knitting in India? Then visit this site and enhance your knowledge about this craft thatís hugely popular throughout the world. This site has detailed information on the history of knitting in India

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