Best Sites For Leather Carving

Best Sites For Leather Carving
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Leather carving is a form of leather craft that uses metal application to form designs on leathers. It is done in such a manner that the leather doesn't get scraped through but gets a 3D appearance. The equipments used to form designs on leathers are swivel knife, veiner, beveler, pear shader, seeder, cam and backgrounder. Floral designs are mostly done in this leather craft but other motifs can also be formed. The following sites will help you gain knowledge on leather carving.


Visit this site and see the graceful product of leather carving on display. An art of beauty and choice, the product is sure to catch your eyes. If you feel like collecting one of these beautiful items, place an online order for it. This site provides all the information and data you will need such as price, shipping charges and company details. It also gives you a comprise description of the product.


Know about the art of leather carving from this site. Also witness the beauty and elegance of the product on show in this site. If you feel like, you can place order for it through this site. Relevant information and data are provided in this site.


To gather proper and detailed knowledge on leather works, visit this site. You get to know in elaborate form about the classifications of leather crafts and its use in India. Update your knowledge on leather carving with the help of this site.


A one stop site for you if you are searching for information on leather works and related matters. Also see the huge variety of leather apparels and accessory products on display in the site. Enhance your knowledge on the variety and diversity of leather crafts and goods from this site.

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