Best Sites For Leather painting

Best Sites For Leather painting
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Since prehistoric times, India is famed for her prosperity in arts and crafts. It is a land where advancement of science and technology coexists with rich traditional forms of artwork. Leather painting is an imperiously practiced form of craftsmanship in which leather, using varied coloring methods, is transformed into objects of artistic appeal. Interested to explore the vivid world of this tranquil art? Please take a note of the following sites presented to you by


This site hosted by Indian Leather Industry adequately defines leather painting and its methods. You can also see the related categories like leather dyeing, leather carving, leather stamping and leather embossing. A cluster of links at the bottom on leather apparel and accessories would be quite handful as well. Take a tour.



Interested to take a journey back to the distant past and delve into the evolution of India's painting finesse including leather painting? A mere click is all you need. This will definitely gift you with some exalted relics of the past. Donít you want to gift some exquisite piece of leather painted stuffs to your loved ones? Visit here to make your dream a living reality.


You are about to be illuminated with the development of Indian miniature paintings which presumably came into being during the 6-7 century A. D. The very term 'miniature' is not to be taken literally as the practitioners of this school of painting gave soulful expressions on ivory panels, marble, walls, cloth, paper, wooden tablets and leather.


Visit this site to get a feel of the tangible world of Indian miniature paintings, the part of which is leather painting. With a primary focus on Rajasthani paintings, the article touches upon wondrous achievements of highly adept painters of the past.


Have you heard of gold embossing on leather? Sounding far-fetched? Here you will find an acute description of how gold embossed painting on leather is carried out in places like Auroville and Pondichery. Do visit the site to know more. Learn how the craftsmen weave in magic with leather and gold.


Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum in Pune exhibits various forms of Indian paintings including leather painting belonging to 17th to 19th centuries. Treat your senses with the traditional leather work in myriad of paints. See for yourself how this art from gained foothold from the tricksters of yesteryears. Do check it out!

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