Best Sites For Mixed Media

Best Sites For Mixed Media
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Media is very effectively used for communication.From a very ancient age,various channels of communication have been used to exchange ideas and develop them.With the advent of technology, new avenues in the field of media have opened up. These are broadly divided into two major media types such as print media (newspapers) and electronic media (T.V.,radio and Internet). Art is also a form of expression of ones thoughts and ideas. The mediums of expression of art is also termed as art media. All these medias of communication and expression is popularly termed as mixed media. These 10 websites will help you know about mixed media in a much better way.


Are you searching for figures and data about the circulation of print media and related topics? Here is a site that will surely cater to your need. Know in details about the circulation,and registration of papers of India state- wise. Providing you with thorough and accurate information, this site is your perfect choice.


India International Center is a renowned gallery of India. Know from this site about the art and painting exhibition of Pranab Basu of Delhi. Log in and enjoy some beautiful samples of work done in oil,acrylic and mixed media by the artist.

Radio forms the most ancient and popular media of India. Get a thorough idea about radio, its background, present scenario and the new broadcast laws of India from this site.


Want to know about the two major media (print and electronic) work culture and environment in India? Visit this site and get a clear idea about both of them without any difficulty. Apart from that, this site also provides a Press Phone List which contains the names of the who’s who of leading national dailies, their designations and contact numbers.


Use of electronic media for distance education is most effectively used by IGNOU( Indira Gandhi National Open University). The Electronic Media Production Center at IGNOU has emerged as one of the biggest hub to use electronic media communication in spreading education through correspondence. Log on to this site and know more about the advancement of media communication.


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Internet is a media that has made the world a smaller place. You can always get both national and international news with the access of Internet from any part of the world. This site allows you to know the national news from some of the popular national papers online web editions. Online web editions of papers like Deccan Chronicle, The Statesman, The Tribune, Telegraph and lots more can be reached with the help of this site.


Are you totally hooked to the latest media- Internet? Want to know all about the new offerings and launchings of some of the famous search engines such as Sify, Rediff, msn, lenovo, vsnl and more. Log on to this site and enhance your knowledge about the new offerings in store for you.

Print media is still the most preferred media in India. This site offers you the chance to know all about the national newspapers and their specialties. Log in and pick your choice from a wide variety of newspapers of different languages.

Electronic media is considered to be the latest craze among today's generation. If you want to learn more about the functioning, rules and regulations of this media,you must take a tour of this site. This site displays a very good and relevant book on the rules of electronic media. You can place an online order through this site and know about this electronic media profession.

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