Best Sites For Origami

Best Sites For Origami
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When you twisted papers to make a plane for your child,did you know you were actually using an ancient art form? Yes, the art of folding papers to give it the desired shape is called origami and it is a popular Japanese art form.It is extremely interesting when you see the different forms you can make with a piece of square paper.The intelligent way in which each one is done amazes you not only with their style but also the intelligent has found you sites on origami for you to browse through for interesting paper folding.


The art of folding paper and giving it a meaningful shape is what this site is all about. This ancient Japanese art of origami has been clearly explained here with a brief history of the art. The site tells you how much you can do with papers and all the type of colours that you can use. This amazing art form has been brought forth for you in this site. Take a look.


The art of origami, however simple it may seem, is a rather intelligent form of folding paper. This site gives you a glimpse of the art in finer details. It tells you of the technique involved, the math involved and more so the art itself. Find out the ultra simple constructions, the eight fold way and also find links to other sites related to origami.


If you want a brief history of origami, come to this site. Find out how the art of paper folding, now popularly called origami, moved to Japan from China and then all across the world. Find out who was the originator of the system of lines and arrows that are used in the paper folding instructions. Know how composition and paper choice play an important role in this newfound industry. Visit the site to know more.


Origami is extremely popular as an art and this is absolutely visible from the range of books it has. There are several books on this interesting art form. You can find many in this site. Take your pick from their collection and make your own origami. Get your complete guide to origami from here. It will give you the A Z of origami. Take a look.

If you want an online experience of creating the art of origami, then visit this page. This site will not only give you the history of origami, but also online instruction on making origami. The steps are easy to follow and give you an immense satisfaction when you can actually successfully make it after following the instructions. If you really want to learn the art, you may begin here. It is really wonderful. Give it a try.

Browse for books on origami. Take your pick and start off with your origami skills. Sharpen your skills and make your own origami in no time. You can order your origami books right now. See the payment details and other formalities that need to be done before you purchase your book. Find out more from the site.


You will find further links to sites which will teach you more about origami. Visit the site and open up to a whole new world of origami. Learn paper folding, see the steps followed in the process of making origami and at the same time get to know some history bout the art. Find out what origami symbols mean and what the different forms you can create with this are.


Join the club or society for origami. Find out which club you want to belong to and quickly join to not miss out on the opportunities there. Find out your style of origami and start off immediately. Explore what you can do with papers and colours. Get exposed to a whole lot of other sites where you can sharpen your origami skills.


Do your own paper modeling. The site gives you instructions to make your own origami. Make your own swans, sport your own origami samurai hat, play with your own bear stick puppet or pig stick puppet and lots more. Try out the different variety they give you and see how good you are at origami.

Get exposed to the world of origami. Get free diagrams for modular origami, diagrams for origami rose, advanced origami diagrams, ball origami diagrams, free diagrams of origami flowers and much more from the site. Learn origami with them and do your own thing. You will also get diagrams for easy origami.

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