Best Sites For Weaving

Best Sites For Weaving
Weaving handicraft
Weaving is an ancient craft. Various types of weaving are found in the country in which it gained popularity and prominence. For example, silk and cotton fabric weaving, wool weaving could be mentioned. Different states in India are known for different types of weaving. The following list of sites will provide a complete and comprehensive gamut of information on weaving, the traditional weaving patterns of Meghalaya, the exquisite weaving art of Himachal Pradesh.


Weaving is a process in which threads are turned into clothes. This textile of weaving is ancient in nature and the process of weaving is described in this site in details. Since weaving is an ancient art and craft, different trends of weaving were followed in different countries. The site provides a history of weaving that developed through centuries in all over the world. It also describes weaving as an industry. To get a good deal of knowledge on weaving, click onto this site.


Want to make your own stained glass? If you are good at creativity, this site will give your talents the slight push that it needs. Brush up your talent in stained glass painting with them. The use of stained glass is not restricted to churches only. Create your own with easy tips from this site. Visit the link above to know more.


The craft of mat and basket weaving are very commonplace in India. But the north- eastern part of the country is more advanced in this craft. Different types of mats and baskets are made here. Bengal deserves a special mention in the craft of weaving. From this site you will get to know about different types, pattern and designs about mat and basket weaving.


This is the official website of Sruthi Enterprises, which provides an entire range of weaving machinery, weaving looms, air- jet weaving looms, warping machines, and other necessary machines in the weaving. People looking for information on weaving machines can get names of the machines, their technical specifications, and other features in the site.


People who are interested in weaving but have not mastered the craft yet, come to this site. It will give you a step-by-step instruction about certain patterns of weaving. Here, a list of the required materials of weaving is also given. If you follow the guidelines given here, you will be able to make beautiful mats, flower patterns and shawls with different shapes of round, square and hexagonal frames.


The article in this site elaborates on the basics of weaving. It introduces the reader on the process of weaving. This introduction will give the reader a general idea about how fabrics are manufactured by the process of weaving. The introduction to weaving is followed by the basic mechanism of a plain power loom. Apart from the primary mechanism, secondary and auxiliary mechanisms are also given here.


This site presents an overview on the topic of weaving in Tamil Nadu from the historical perspective. Tamil Nadu is equally famous for both cotton and silk weaving. Famous silk saris and cotton fabric for which Tamil Nadu is known are also mentioned here along with the major centers for weaving in the state.


This particular website focuses on the textiles and weaving of Meghalaya. After a short introduction on weaving that goes on in the state, it describes the techniques of weaving that is followed. It contains a complete list followed by a description of communities who are known for their distinguished woven fabric and textiles.


The wool weaving tradition of Himachal Pradesh is explored in this site. The wool weaving tradition in Himachal Pradesh is quite ancient in it origin and is distinguished for its colorful geometrical patterns. It enlists a number of woven wool clothings that are only made Himachal Pradesh. The site presents a wonderful description of how its climactic condition and social customs are reflected in the wool weaving of this state.


Basket making in India is regarded among the ancient forms of art and craft. The North-eastern side of the country has gained prominence in this craft. This site comes with an elaborate and yet interesting article on the craft basket weaving. This site provides detail description of basket weaving in different states in India.


Among the best brand names in the field of weaving in India, the S.K. weaving is one of the best. The site contains an exclusive range of their fabrics. The designer weaving textile works hard to produce the best quality of fabric and the most creative designs. From the official site of S.K. weaving you can inquire about the company's product, fabric quality, design and other relevant information.

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