Best Sites For Wood Carving

Best Sites For Wood Carving
India is the land of heritage and rich culture. Various forms of art and craft are an integral part of this culture. There are several historical monuments which bear witness to the fact that the tradition of wood carving existed in India since the ancient time. In north Indian states like Himachal Pradesh or Uttar Pradesh, there exist several wood carved temples which are surviving till date. In modern India, the wood carving craft has flourished astoundingly. The following list of sites will guide you about this intriguing form of wood carving. Take a look at these websites to get a fair idea of how wood carving is executed and end up picking up some aesthetically done wood craft for home decor or even chance upon the websites providing guidance on wood carving.


If you think wood carving is a difficult form of art to pratice, then here is a site that will make wood carving easy for you by providing an in-depth insight in this art. This site will give you a detailed information about various types of wood carving available in different states of India. Different states specialize in differnt types of wood carving. So if you are interested in wood carving, as is done in different regions across the Indian sub-continent, then visit this site.

It is a must visit site for the lover of carved wooden crafts. This site will provide detailed information about one of the leading manufacturer


If you are a wood carving enthusiast and want to know all relevant information regarding this art, then this is an ideal site for you. This site will provide you the basic knowledge about wood carving. In addition to that, you will also know about texture of woods needed for wood carving, wood carving techniques, carving tools etc. So this is more for the learning enthusiasts who want to step into the wood carving avenue.


This site will give you information on wood carving in the part of Orissa. Wood carving is an integral part of Orrisa hand crafts. To a wide extent, it is characteristically different from other wood carving crafts available in India. This site will tell you about idol and chariot decoration made in ancient era, plain wood carving, wood carving excellence in temples etc.

If you want to decorate your house with antque pieces of wood carving crafts and other wooden decorative then go to this site. It presents information about Jodhpur's leading manufacturer of wooden crafts. If you want to give your interior a distinct look, it offers a wide range of exciting collection of wooden furniture and other carved wooden exclusive pieces.


This website imparts information on Indian art and craft including wood carving. Excuisite wood carvings were the part of Indian life since the era of kings and the nawabs. This site will give you information about wood carvings available in different states of India like Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka etc.


Here, brace yourself to grab information on an Indian artist in wooden craft specially in carving wood. It informs you about the life and work of the artists who achieved excellence in Wooden caft. It also presents you some illustrations of his work.

Take a look at their uniquely crafted antique bookshelves. Their wide range spoils you for choice. Their range of antique includes almirahs, book shelves, side boards, cabinets and other miscellaneous stuff. Take a look now and see if you can have anything to enhance the look of your room.


This site will give you knowledge on the rich tradition of Arunachal pradesh and its wood carving crafts. Wood carving is an ancient art form and it needs to be retained and revived. Come here to know exactly why these art forms needs to be resuscitated and be well abrest of others with comprehensive information on the age-old crafting heritage.


Want to decorate your home with beautiful decorative wooden pieces? But don't know where to look for relevant sites which will give you ample information on the product range of woodwork? Come to this site. It offers wood craft supply online on various wood works like statue of Indian god and goddesess, animal figurine, wooden jewellery box etc.


Discover India through wooden crafts. This site will give you an impressive catalog of wood carving made in India. View the catalog on wood carving works which includes statue of lord Buddha, lord Ganesha, and other decorative pieces as well.

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