Best Sites For Indian Art

Best Sites For Indian Art
Anjana Ranjan Indian Mime Theatre
Aarnav CraftCrafts in India
India BeatsCrafts Bridge
Indian Art CircleSPEAR Art Museum
HorizonsJagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art
Art India Net
This page consists of a listing of Art sites based in India. The effort of this page is to list the best sites falling under categories - Indian Art, Indian Art Sites, Indian Art Websites, Directory for Indian Art, Top Websites of Indian Art, Best Sites of Indian Art, etc. The list of sites mentioned here is solely based on the discretion of our team of editors, who personally go and review each and every site. If you feel there is some site that falls under the category of Indian Art, Indian Art Sites, Indian Art Websites Directory for Indian Art, Top Websites of Indian Art, Best Sites of Indian Art and has the potential of being listed on this page, kindly do let us know.

Anjana Ranjan(
The personal website of Bharat Natyam dancer Anjana Rajan, it gives complete information about the life of the dancer and her performances. Get to know about Bharat Natyam, one of the most popular classical dances of India from this site. Information is also available on Talacchanda.

Indian Mime Theatre (
Official site of Indian Mime Theatre Group, it is the place to find information on Mime or 'Mukabhinaya'. Get complete information on leading mime artists, performances by the group, workshops, training programs and courses and other mime groups of India. The site also offers photographs and images of mime artists and their performances. .

Aarnav Craft (
The official site of Aarnav Craft Pvt. Ltd., it is an online shopping site of Indian handicrafts and products sold by this company. Buy jewellery, apparels, gift items, home décor and Indian folk art from The website offers information on the prices and discounts offered by this company. Get complete information on buying and payment method and shipping details from

Crafts in India (, created by Compare Infobase Limited, is an online shopping store for Indian handicrafts and art. Get complete information about Indian handicrafts, art, paintings, sculptures, jewellery, home décor, traditional games and toys and many other similar products from here. One can make use of the online buying facility to purchase a product of their choice. Apparels, books and office accessories are some of the other products that one can buy form Craftsinindia.

They take pride in representing India’s heritage of natural stones. Claiming to be one of the most reputed exporters of mosaics and similar products from India, they have carved a niche among their peers. With their team of dedicated and skilled workers, their organizational culture encourages the quest for excellence and a progressive and futuristic attitude. The site also holds a display of their mosaics for you to see.

Crafts Bridge (
It is the official site of Crafts Bridge, an organization dedicated toward the marketing and designing of the handicraft industry of India. Get complete information on gift items, home décor, accessories, apparels, ethnic jewellery, decorative articles and Indian paintings from here. Use the online purchasing system of to place your order and purchase the product of your choice. The site also offers information on Indian designers, crafts people and NGO's.

Indian Art Circle (, owned by Arts Indian Atelier, gives complete information on different types of Indian art. You can find extensive information on folk and tribal art, contemporary art, famous Indian artists, and books on Indian art. Take part in the online art auction or use the online buying system to purchase a masterpiece. Share your ideas in Art Forum or build your own art gallery in this site.

SPEAR Art Museum (
The art portal of Skypak Service Specialities Ltd., SPEAR Art Museum provides information on some of the leading artists and painters of India. One can find a good collection of paintings by famous Indian artists in this portal. Get information on some of the emerging artists of the country from this site.

Horizons (
Official site of The Horizons, it offers complete information on Indian art, culture and lifestyle. The portal provides information on Indian dance, Indian music and Indian handicrafts. Make use of the online shopping facility to purchase artifacts and other products.

Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art
The official website of Jagdish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art, Hyderabad, it gives a complete list of various museums in India like Goa State Museum, National Rail Museum and many more. The website also gives a list of links to various sites dealing with Indian sculptor, Indian art and architecture and Indian monuments. One can get information on Folk Art and drawings also from here.

Art India Net (
The official site of Art India, it is exclusively meant to provide information on allied and performing arts of India. Get complete information on various forms on Indian classical dance and classical music. also provides information on puppetry, cultural organization, costumes, careers and choreographers. Get information on upcoming cultural events from Artscape, the online magazine.

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