Best Sites For Artificial Intelligence

Best Sites For Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by humans” (Minsky, 1968). It is a discipline which got an impetus in India with the Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) project in the 1980s, and has been growing since then. Use of this intelligence has propelled the success rate of the country. Find out more with
This site aims at providing a national forum for interaction among the Indian AI community. They also aim at promoting research and practical applications of artificial intelligence. You can get latest updates on activities related to artificial intelligence in India from this site. You can also become a part of all the activity. All you need to do is become a member of this group.
You can learn Hindi language using artificial intelligence. The details are given in this site. Visit this site and just witness how you can learn Hindi by the use of this intelligence. The package includes a tracer module, speech facility, video interface and an online dictionary too. You are only required to click along and visit the site if you are interested in the language. (
This will be your guide to all that you want to know about artificial intelligence. Researches conducted, FAQ on artificial intelligence and so much more is on offer here. Find out what is meant by AI and where it is being used. Find out how it is contributing to the growth of a country. (
This web page will take you to a review on artificial intelligence published in The Financial Express. It gives you a comprehensive idea about the use of artificial intelligence and how it helps in developing intelligent systems. Not only that, it also speaks about the origin of AI and what the future holds for AI. Yahoo has cashed on the answers, for which you must visit this site. Know what yahoo plans to do and much more.
Speaking of artificial intelligence, one mustn't forget the robots and what they are capable of doing. This discusses in brief how artificial intelligence transformed into the robot and their great feats. It also discusses the use of artificial intelligence in cinema. Visiting this site will be interesting as it provides interesting reading. To find out more do click in and surprise yourself.
This portal will introduce you to the elite organizations of India who are carrying out research activities on artificial intelligence. The top engineering institutions and the premier research laboratories of India are pursuing extensive research work in the field of artificial intelligence --- Learn about these elite institutions of India and check-out their projects on AI. Glean general information on AI activities in India. Flick through the AI journals of India and take a look at the CSI special issue on artificial intelligence. You will get a precise and complete overview of the AI activities in India by simply clicking on this portal. (
Every year an international conference is held on artificial intelligence. First started in 1969, the International Joint Conference on Artificial intelligence or the IJCAI is organized twice a year. In January 2007, the 20th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence was held in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The theme centered on the contributions of AI to the society; take a sneak peek into this latest conference. Check-out the Thanks letter and the IJCAI report presented on this portal. The portal welcomes feedbacks from the delegates who attended this conference.
Introduce yourself to the Machine Intelligence Group by logging on to this site. This is an online platform for the tech-savvy community where they can share their opinions and views on artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, genetic algorithms, robotics, machine vision etc. This portal serves as a discussion forum as well as a tutorial class. Acquaint yourself with the latest gizmos and hi-tech devices by checking -out the articles posted by the techies. Listen to the news coming out of the tech-world. There is a blog spot dedicated to the tech-savvy community. Well if technology is your forte join in as a member of this hi-tech group.
Do you find artificial intelligence fascinating? Well if the answer is positive stop by this portal. It will offer you an article on artificial intelligence. Though artificial intelligence is a comparatively new branch of technology it has made huge progress in the recent times. Go through this article and equip yourself with information on the science of artificial intelligence; take a look at the future of artificial intelligence. Log on to this site and take an in-depth look into the realm of artificial intelligence. (
Welcome to India’s biggest online book-store. Here you will find a book on artificial intelligence. Check-out the contents of the book. You will get all the details of the book on this portal. If you are interested to purchase this interesting book place your order online and it will reach you within 24 hours. Take a look at the other books on artificial intelligence listed on this site.

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