Best Sites For Vaastu Shastra

Best Sites For Vaastu Shastra
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Vaastu Shastra, an ancient science of Indian culture, still holds high importance in our life. Though Vaastu is very similar to Chinese Feng Shui but has its own differences. This page guides you by providing 10 handy websites with information to mete your thirst about vaastu. Vaastu Shastra plays a great role in any construction or building. “Vaastu” means house and vaastu shastra therefore means the principles of establishing harmony in house. The balance and harmony of the five elements of environment brings out the happiness and harmony of Nature. Vaastu Shastra deals with the topography, geography, location of the building to direct positive energy inside the building and curtail negativity. Here are some of the best websites that gives you good relevant information on Vaastu Shastra:


If you are interested to know the basics of vaastu shastra such as what it is, what it deals with and how you can benefit from it, this is the perfect site for you. This site has answers to all such questions with lots of handy tips to help you utilize vaastu shastra in proper way in your life. And if you want professional guidance from vaastu consultants, here you have two renowned consultants to choose from. So don't miss out.


Are you facing problems in your life? Every small thing is going wrong? Try out the hidden harmony of Nature (Vaastu Shastra) and see how your life changes. It’s believed in Vaastu that the right position of things can bring harmony in your life. Visit this site to know what should be the right position and direction of things, be it for rooms, office, commercial complex, hotels, shops or temples. Also be aware of the disadvantages of improper Vaastu.


Building a new house or redecorating your old one? Take the help of ancient Indian science to regenerate happiness and “health” of your building. This site on Vaastu Shastra provides you with good and informative guidelines to maintain the health of your building. Know about the dos and don't of Vaastu Shastra and how the improper use of mirrors can curtail the flow of positive energy .


If you are thinking of consulting a good Vaastu consultant (of Delhi and Gurgaon) for your home or office, go through this site. Not only will you get some good consultants and tips, but also get a fair idea of the charges for it. Moreover, you can enhance your knowledge about Vaastu from this site such as about its origin, importance and commercial use, science and principles.

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What is vaastu? Is vaastu a science? What’s the history of vaastu? If these questions are popping up in your mind, browse through this site to have your answers. And if you are still not satisfied and feel interested in gaining elaborate and extensive knowledge, this site also gives you a very good guideline of books to quench your thirst.

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The word “vaastu” literally means house or dwelling place. This site provides you with answers to all sort of query ranging from redecorating your office or home to selection and evaluation of plot, office, property etc. Here you also get to consult their vaastu consultant either through e-mail or address.


Do you feel strong interest in vaastu shastra? Want to take this subject seriously and do a certified course. This site provides information on the Vaastu world School of Building Biology. From this site you get to have complete knowledge about the features of this school such as online courses, correspondence courses, consultants, newsletter and why one should learn about Vaastu. This site also gives you information about Vaastu health, rectifications, science and stores.


Want to know the names of some of the Vaastu consultants of India for residential and commercial purpose? Browse through this site to gather answers to your need. This site also provides you with some basic primary guidelines to use Vaastu Shastra for your benefit. Now you will no longer have to be bugged whether there is negative “chi” or energy dwelling in your house or why you have ill-fate chasing you. Get easy to apply solutions for the pestering problems of life.


Are you searching for reports on Vaastu? From this site you can acquire the reports of two renowned Vaastu consultants on various topics such as Vaastu analysis of commercial property and building, residential buildings, financial stability, harmony and health. Browse through to know how and why Vaastu has gained so much importance now-a-days.

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This website provides you with a series of articles on Vaastu Shastra. Go through this page and you can also learn about the ways of Vaastu. Arrange your house according to Vaastu and live a better and happier life. If you have any query or question related to Vaastu, you can also drop it in this site’s special question submission form section.

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