Best Sites For Astronomy

Best Sites For Astronomy
Astronomy is the scientific study of heavenly bodies (like galaxies, stars, black holes, comets and planets) and celestial developments that are continually taking place outside Earth's atmosphere. It is related with a wide range of fundamental fields of science such as physics, chemistry and mechanics and a number of applied branches like science of evolution and meteorology. embarks on an arduous job of enlisting some of the best Indian websites on Astronomy. So, are you really looking for space? Does a cold shiver run through your spine when you think of what there might be beyond the abysmal darkness of the heaven? Come and visit the sites enumerated below to find answers of your many unanswered questions.
This is a club for those devoted to astronomy. Now isnít it interesting that an association of amateur astronomers and people sharing similar interests in astronomy can mingle with each other to discuss astronomy? This club is located in Hyderabad. See how you can become a member of this club if you are interested and once you visit the site you will definitely be interested. Get to know their astronomy related activities and how you can be a part of it. Enhance your knowledge of astronomy with them, encourage communication and exchange of information and also promote awareness of astronomy and do a lot more. Donít miss out on the interesting pages for anything. Click on the link below. (
Are you looking for space? Confused? Are you looking for astronomy pictures? In case you feel elated with this prospect, don't refrain yourself from visiting this site. You will get to see many pictures on astronomy. Not just that, each picture has its explanation and the original host site. Find out how Mars and Moon looks when seen from new perspectives. See the star sizes in relation to 3D images. Visit the site to give your eyes an out-of-the-world treat, literally!
If research is your forte then get in touch with Raman Research Institute. Check out their research activities, their members and the group. Take a look into the Radio Astronomy Laboratory and the ASTROSAT Laboratory and get to know about the activities there. There is also an image and poster gallery for you to see. Learn about related software and other useful links. Visit the site and find more interesting stuffs. (
Are you planning to take up astronomy seriously? You could do that in this autonomous institution under the University Grant Commission. It takes care of teaching, research and development in astronomy and astrophysics. Explore its various fields from this site. You can also see a quick summary of their functioning right in this site. Look up for the different programs, their academic calendar, facilities they provide and you can also take a graphic tour of the institution. Don't miss this opportunity. Click on the link given below. (
It's just about time to get serious with your passion for astronomy. This website, hosted by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, gives an overview of the curriculum of the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Learn about the scope of fundamental research on Theoretical Astrophysics, Infrared and Optical Astronomy and X-ray and Gamma ray Astronomy. Surely it's going to be a richly edifying experience for you. (
Welcome to the official website of the Astronomy Club of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. This site is quite self-explanatory in the sense that it elucidates the Club's activities, current events, etc. quite sufficiently. You just need to visit the site to get to know in detail. Take a look at the facilities they provide. There are a number of extra-terrestrial images to set your passion ablaze. You have to register yourself as a member of the club to participate in its activities. See the contact information given at the bottom in case you wish to get in touch with them.
You probably maintain a diary to scribble up the humdrum happenings of an earthly existence. But have you ever thought of keeping an astronomical diary? Doesn't that sound crazy? Well, visit this official website of Positional Astronomy Centre affiliated by India Meteorological Department, Kolkata to form an idea of what's been just talked of! Find events that are out-of-this-world in the truest sense of the term! You just need to surf through links such as PHENOMENA, ECLIPSE EVENTS OF THE YEAR, etc. to be a part of a surreal experience.

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