Best Sites For Indian Authors

Best Sites For Indian Authors
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Every age has its spokesperson. An author is such a medium that can be the torch bearer to take the onus of giving voice to the age, giving vent to the social decries, calling spades 'spades' and mutating the interests of the mass to a common goal. An author has the power to transmute thoughts into words, situations into stories and wavering ideas into seeds of poetry. The author makes use of the resources from the society and moulds it like a potter does. Matter becomes clay of ideas and thoughts transcend them. And the author becomes an omniscient, omnipotent being who has the power to break and make. Here will give you a list of the Hall of Fame authors of India who have been the venerated voices of their age.

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The modern day avatars of hall of fame Indian authors are no lesser gems. They are the progeny of the Indian classical authors who were highly acclaimed worldwide. This web portal will give you a list of the most cutting-edge writers this age has produced. Now you would not be left pondering which book to fall back on. Here you have a synopsis on the author’s life and a gist of the major works. You will have a bird’s eye view of the modern Indian authors. From Salman Rushdie to Vikram Seth to V.S Naipaul to Shashi Tharoor to Upamanyu Chatterjee- get a glimpse of their works. (
Munshi Premchand is a luminary in the Indian authors’ diaspora. He was the first to initiate the cult of realism in Indian literature and an iconoclast who revolutionized the face of Hindi literature by introducing story stories as a genre. If you are an avid reader of Munshi Premchand, here’s the flagrant chance to get hold of his creations. Buy the works of this author online at enviable prices.

Jaishankar Prasad is an honorary figure as an author of Hindi literature. He had set high watermarks for the literary pro people. Without his contribution Hindi poetry would have been bereft of the “chhayavaad” – the paradigm of writing poetry in an implied way through symbols. To know him in and out you have to be into his works. Get his works here. This diamond mine is open for your excavation at an unimaginably low price. Just think of bagging a book for just a few bucks!

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The Shakespeare of India, Kalidasa undoubtedly holds the sepulcher of being the crown prince among Indian authors. He had opened the floodgates of Indian literature to the world at bay and the world readers still associate India by this master’s works. This is the Kalidasa academy which will take you to a probing journey of his life, achievements and his works. Join them to continue upholding the chalice of his works. Visit the art gallery to manifest the artistic delineations of his immortal characters.

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Rabindra Nath Tagore was a forerunner of the light brigade as he made the outsiders look up to India with esteem. This noble laureate was the first to bring home the prestigious felicitation for the authors. This is the official website of his brain child Viswa Bharati. Flip though this website to get an in-depth information about his biography, novels, short stories, poetry, music, paintings, educational ideas propagated by him and his prized possession - the Nobel.

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The Urdu poetry dynasty would be a desert without the author Mirza Ghalib. He had ruled the citadel of Indian shayari and not without any reason he is spoken of as the chieftain. If you need to dig up the history of the ‘Mirza’ this is the real knock-out place. To top it all, his ghazals and shayeris are translated for public reading. If you have the urge to delve deep into his poetry, you must visit this web portal. The verve and serenade of Urdu lyrics can run rebelliously in your blood. Come to feel that.

In the male star studded sky of authors, Mahadevi Varma sparkles all the way. She is one of the spearheads of the “Chhayavaad” poetry and her short stories pivoted around the oozing warmth of human relationships and bonding. This website will take you on a tour of her life, her major works that too in the tongue in which she wrote. If you are not so adept in reading Hindi, the translator is always your pal. Come here to read and know about this pillar of Indian authors.

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Sharat Chandra Chatterjee is the answer to Charles Dickens. This exemplary author had sang serenade to human emotions and relationships in lucid linguistics at a time when Bengali literature was not over with the Victorian copiousness of style and verbose. This website will satiate your appetite to his works. Mouse through this ardent author’s life and his contribution to Bengali literature.

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Amir Khusrau is another plinth of Indian literature whose tenets have stood the test of time proudly. This Sufi poet and author has prolific works under his belt. This website is dedicated to this persona has domains of his playful riddles, songs and legends that are devoted to his name. If you are an Urdu shayeri fanatic and want to be dished out Khusrau’s poetry, you have to visit here to pay homage to this remarkable author. Fill yourself with the plethora of goodies from his gallery.

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These 10 stalwart authors of Indian literature have borne India’s flag in the international arena. To know more, will take care of you.

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