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Best Sites For Awards
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The main purpose of awards is to encourage people to achieve further excellence and give recognition to what they have already done. The tradition of awards had started in the ancient time and the purpose of awards hasn't been changed from the ancient time till today. Different types of awards are given in different countries. But the motto or the main purpose of giving awards is same in all the countries. Different awards have prestigious aspects. Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in the whole world. Academy Award is the most coveted award in the film industry of Hollywood. There are different categories of awards in India as well. The following of sites will provide you information on awards in the national and international level.

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There is no dearth of brave hearts in India since the time immemorial. Perhaps all such brave hearts did not receive an award in the past. But at present, all the people who made India proud by excelling in their own fields and brought an international recognition to their motherland are awarded with the Bharat Ratna awards which are the highest accolade for the citizen of India. This site gives you an insight into the Bharat Ratna Award and its legacy.

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The Filmfare award is the most coveted award of the Bollywood industry in India. All the actors and actresses in the film fraternity crave to achieve this award. The Fair One Filmfare award ceremony was a star studded night this year. The article in this site presents a report on the 52nd Fair One Filmfare award ceremony. Visit this website to read the full article.

Yashraaj films produce most of the blockbusters and big budget movies of Bollywood. Most of the films produced by the Yashraj productions have achieved many awards. Every year several Yashraj films top the list to receive many prestigious awards of the country. This site contains an extensive list of awards won by different Yashraj films. View the entire list of the awards achieved by Yashraj films.

This site contains a report on the National Bravery Awards for Indian children. Meet some of the children who had shown exceptional courage in saving the lives of people whom they perhaps did not even know while risking their own life. The site has pictures of the receivers of this award and along with it a comprehensive report about each award winner is given. Read the full article in this site.

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Muhammad Yunus has achieved the most coveted award on earth, the Nobel Peace Prize of 2006. He is the pioneer behind the Grameen Movement micro-banking system in Bangladesh. Muhammad Yunus' achievement of Nobel Peace prize is crucial since it is because of him that everyone realized that unless a large number of people are freed from poverty, it is not possible to attain lasting peace on earth. If you are interested to know more about this great man and how he achieved his goal towards reducing poverty in his country, visit this site.

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