Bengaluru is the official name of Bangalore . Bangalore is considered as one of the most hip and happening Indian cities . It is also the major hub of the IT industry . Bangalore is called the Garden City as it houses many beautiful gardens . The city is also famous for the ancient temples like Maha Bodhi Society Temple , Maruthi Mandir and many others . It also has many awesome parks like Cubbon Park , Lal Bagh , Lumbini Gardens etc. Each of the gardens are unique and are splendid green lungs for the city . The pub scene of Bangalore is very exciting . Shopping is really rocking in Bangalore . If you visit Bangalore then 'go-karting ' is a must . Outdoor concert at Palace Grounds is just wonderful in Bangalore . The beautiful lakes like Sankey Tank and Ulsoor Lake in Bangalore offer a pleasant , enriching experience.

Bangalore is called the Silicon valley of India as it is the hub of the IT industry . The professionals of this Silicon valley enjoy the massages and spa treatments which are very much available in Bangalore . Spas are a vital part of the East-meets-West culture of Bangalore . Bangalore is the top destination in India for shopping , technology jobs , tourism etc. The city offers a wide array of delicious food items and has many restaurants which provide tasty delicacies .

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