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Review of Digg.com

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According to Alexa analysis of traffic, digg.com is ranking at #165th position worldwide and at 36th in India. In USA, the site is enjoying a higher ranking of #154. Approximately 691,460 websites are linking to digg.com.

The Alexa analysis of visitors shows that the audience of the website is disproportionately male who are mostly childless and within the age limit of 35 years. Most of them are moderately educated and browse from their home computers. Most of the visitors of the website access the site directly and only 6% of its audiences are referred by search engines.

Digg is a technology-driven site which allows the visitors to rank news and stories according to their popularity. The main strength of the website is its members who take part in digging or burying. The stories are chosen by the members of the website rather than the editors and hence, in a nutshell, digg.com is a community-driven website.

The members are allowed to post their stories on its various categories, namely -
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle
  • Offbeat
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • World News

Once the story is posted in digg.com, the members are allowed to rank it based on its relevance, appropriateness, and information. The stories which receive maximum number of Diggs will get featured in the list of top stories of the website.

Digg has allowed the websites to promote their content through their interface. Bloggers and websites now include a Digg button on their web pages which allow the readers to vote the page for Digg if they like it. The ‘My News’ section of the website brings one the news that are of one’s particular interest.

Reviewed on 15th September 2011

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