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Review of Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg


Banner advertisements, casual games,referral marketing and Security settings


Social Networking

Alexa traffic ranking system shows that recently Facebook is the third most popular site in India and second in USA. It also has second position in global rankings. Majority of Facebook account holders are women. Most of the time, the site is browsed from home and schools. 1,216,699 sites are linked in to Facebook.

The finest feature of Facebook is that it enables people to connect with each other and keep track of their friends. In addition to this they can also upload their photos and share interesting videos and links.

Facebook has several types of attractive advertisements that give it an edge over other social networking sites such as Twitter and Google Plus. Its security settings, whereby, users can stop unknown or unwanted people from getting information on them, are praiseworthy as well. The process of obtaining permission for being friends on Facebook also has a similar effect and makes users feel more secure.

The general features of Facebook are its chat and credits. It also offers other interesting features such as Deals, IPv6, Easter Eggs, Messages and Inbox and Facebook Live. It has several useful applications like events, platform, marketplace, questions, notes, photos, places and videos.

Facebook users can also use at least 60 international and Indian languages such as Bengali, Tamil and Telugu. Its major security features are clickjacking warnings, site warnings and login approvals.

Reviewed on 16th August 2011

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