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Review of Google India

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Google.co.in is also referred to as Google India and is the Indian domain of the global search engine giant Google.com.
  • The site has an Alexa Traffic Rank of 1 in India and 14 on a global scale.
  • 4,726 sites are linked to the Google India.
Google.co.in offers interfaces in regional Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu, which makes it easier for people who speak these languages to gain and assimilate information in their preferred dialect. Its English interface caters to those individuals not conversant with these languages.

The USP of Google.co.in is the way it has integrated web 2.0 technologies in its operations. Whenever a user searches for any keyword upon typing the first couple of letters the search engine comes up with the most prominent search results with those particular letters. This enables users to maximize their time on the website.

The Google Plus feature is a good example of how Google.co.in has integrated web 3.0 technology, which is also referred to as semantic web. This artificial intelligence facility understands what users are searching on the basis of their social media profiles and presence.

The news section of Google India enables people to get the latest happenings in and around India without much difficulty. The iGoogle application lets users create customized homepages in less than 30 seconds.

With the Google Images facility users can search any and image under the sun. Images can be searched in any size, type or color. Visitors are also provided with suggestions on related searches.

The Google Maps facility allows users to check out any location that they prefer or want to know about. They can also get directions or acquire detailed information on places of their preference.

The Mozilla Firefox is one of the finest search engines, whose history facility enables users remember passwords to important accounts or get back to old searches to save time. The Google Translate facility is available in every major international language.

The Discover Music facility lets users get access to songs from both the latest hits as well as classics from yesteryears. Songs of Hindi as well as regional films are available.

Reviewed on 12th August 2011

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