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Sergey Brin and Larry Page


Web search facilities and social media platform – Google+


Search engine, mail, Social Networking

As per recent Alexa traffic rankings Google is number one globally as well as USA. It occupies the second position in India. The site has been operational since 1998. Almost 31 percent of its users are from USA and almost 26 percent of its visitors see only a single page at a time. Normally people spend almost 14 minutes in the site with 36 seconds used for viewing every page. Google has 704,402 sites linking to itself.

Google is the premier search engine known to mankind. It has an unmatched repertoire of information that can be categorized into web pages, videos and images. Its search technology innovations and web 2.0 integrations are yet to be matched by any of its peers.

The unique selling point of Google lies in the way it has been able to assist its users with quick prompts that enable them to get the desired results without losing much time.

Additionally it is using its social media platform Google Plus to map the profiles of its users. This is important as in future web 3.0 technologies are supposed to be used by the web industry giant for generating search results that are commensurate with the users’ social profiles.

The desktop applications of Google can be classified as standalone applications, operating systems and desktop extensions. Besides, it also provides downloadable and online mobile applications.

Its biggest product category is web where it offers different types of products such as account management, mapping, advertising, search, communication and publishing, statistics and development.

Reviewed on 16th August 2011

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