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Review of StumbleUpon 

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After analyzing the traffic volume of the site, Stumbleupon.com, for the last three months the Alexa has ranked it at #104th position. The visitor analysis of the site shows that the major portion of the site’s visitors are Caucasian, among which most are childless women, who surf from their home computers. In USA, from where it receives 37% of its total number of visitors, the website is ranked at #57. StumbleUpon is also popular in countries like- India and Pakistan (rank #33).

Amongst the Indian cities its most number of visitors come from Ahmadabad where it ranks at #15th . StumbleUpon is a very reputed website and around 504,143 other sites link to it.

StumbleUpon is a type of web search engine. It finds and recommends web content to the visitors. It has features that allow the users to find and rate web pages, videos, images etc. They can also customize their searches by saving their interests and access materials through peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.

Stumbleupon.com uses the people driven technology. It produces result that is a combination of both human intelligence and mechanical accuracy. When one clicks on the icon of StumbleUpon it brings the results that have been suggested to the user by like-minded people or friends. StumbleUpon gives the facility to rank a site’s content based on its quality and hence, it is a notch over the other search engines.

It gives users over 500 choices of topics upon which content are available. The user can specify and save his preferences so that he receives only relevant data upon searching. It uses an intelligent search engine which filters poor and low quality websites and removes then from the database. As a result, one only receives updated and high-quality information Stumbleupon.com.

StumbleUpon is a free site and requires members to register with it to access its database. The joining process is easy. It currently has 15 million members worldwide.

Reviewed on 13th September 2011

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