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Review of Twitter

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Alexa traffic rankings show that Twitter is placed in the ninth position globally. In terms of in bound traffic it occupies the ninth position. In USA it has been ranked in the 8th position. On an average 7 minutes are spent per site view and for page views the approximate time spent is 52 seconds.

The average for unique pages viewed on a daily basis is 3.4. The site has been live since 2000. 1,029,011 sites are linked in to the micro blogging site. The most significant advantage of Twitter.com is that it allows users to express themselves through instant messages, web based platforms or mobile interfaces.

The quality of content available in Twitter is of the highest order. The site also offers important insights into events with critical and social importance. The usage of hashtags allows the site to be used like a search engine.

In addition to the highly rated content the site offers its users several facilities such as messages, authentication, rankings, demographics, option to add and follow up on content and verified badges. It offers several technical facilities such as security and privacy settings, photo sharing applications and URL shortening service.

Reviewed on 19th August 2011

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