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In India Wikipedia is the 7th most preferred site in terms of in bound web traffic. Traffic rankings by Alexa also place it at a similar position on a global basis. In USA it is ranked in the 6th position.

It has been estimated that viewers spend almost 5 minutes on an average for every visit to Wikipedia. The average time spent for viewing every page is 59 seconds. With respect to user category, most of the site’s visitors operate from their work or school.

It has also been seen that most of Wikipedia’s users are men who hold postgraduate degrees and are childless. 431,555 sites are linked in to it.

The biggest advantage for Wikipedia users is that it is free and has been set up using a collaborative model.

Wikipedia has unparalleled content – both in terms of quality and quantity. There are detailed pages on almost every topic under the sun. From a user’s point of view its cultural content is the finest and extremely reliable in terms of detailing and range of topics covered.

The major content categories of Wikipedia are overviews, Wikipedia books, lists, portals, featured content, categorical indexes, spoken articles and glossaries. In the lists section it offers alphabetical indexes, outlines and timelines.

Reviewed on 18th August 2011

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