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Best Sites For Big fat Indian weddings

Best Sites For Big fat Indian weddings
  • lifestyle indiatimes
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  • weddings
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  • shaadionline
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  • palacesofindia.com
  • 5.
  • exoticindianweddings
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  • mydreamshaadi
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  • weddingloans
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  • planawedding
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  • hinduwedding
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  • eliteguruvayur
  • The Big fat Indian weddings, the celebrity nuptials, the wedding occasions that made news headlines, the grandiose and splurge of money- they are a wowing world. For a common man, the big fat Indian weddings are enticing dream worlds. Every girl’s heart nurtures this dream of marrying off amidst pomp and flamboyance. The ostentation and hype that the plum Indian marriages enjoy doesn’t come without a cost. Yes the big fat Indian weddings come at the cost of your fortune, if you are not a Midas or a treasure owner. You need adroit marriage planners to arrange for the extravaganza, to see off the best foot forward without a crease in the forehead. You need to incubate innovative ideas to keep the world gaping. Grab gem of ideas for holding big fat Indian weddings, peek-a-boo into the hot-shot weddings that have left indelible mark and finally join the legion.

    lifestyle indiatimes (lifestyle.indiatimes.com)
    The Mittal bash, the Chatwal bash and the starry weddings of the film fraternity – these are spicy stories that sell like hot cakes in the media. You cannot just take off your eyes from the record breaking magnificence that their big fat weddings mirror. Wouldn’t you love to dive into the intricacies of those celebrity nuptials? These articles would keep you glued to the out-of-the-box weddings. Read through them and keep on clicking the next link. One by one the captivating Indian weddings that swayed the media off its feet will be displayed fore your leisurely read. If you feel the urge, you can mail these pages to your friends.

    weddings (weddings.about.com)
    Can the big fat Indian weddings go without the Hollywood weddings? Know what’s the love story doing its rounds in the tinsel town that can materialize in marriage. Know what Hollywood marriages are like. Read up saucy details of the star studded Hollywood marriages that are seldom low key affairs. Follow the celebrity marriage trends and fill your quota of such top notch stories. There are some interesting links on the ‘best and the worst celebrity weddings of 2005’ and ‘the most outrageous marriages of 2004’ and ‘the shortest celebrity marriages’. Enjoy pleasure ride with the silver screen stars.

    shaadionline (www.shaadionline.com)
    Destination weddings have created much hullabaloo in big fat Indian weddings. Are you fancying on marrying in the heritage plazas of India, or in the royal palaces of Rajasthan? The royal palaces have thrown open their doors. Grab the golden chance to etch out a memorable marriage that is going to be a lifetime memory. Is the fiesta of Goa beseeching you? Are the Himalayas giving you a clarion call? These marriage planners will do it for you without hassles.

    Who doesn’t love to be married like a king? In the palatial mansions, reminding of the regal weddings, you do harbour the feeling of taking solemn pledges of a sanctimony. Palace weddings, beach weddings, fort weddings, wedding in the lap of nature, hill station weddings, water garden weddings, desert weddings – you will be pleasantly shocked at the variety. And you don’t have to worry a bit about the accommodation, gourmet, decoration, theme events. The package empowers you to just lay back and bear the cost.

    exoticindianweddings (www.exoticindianweddings.com)
    Exotic Indian weddings can be best hosted in exotic places that have Indianness running through their veins. The palaces of Rajasthan have been the wedding grounds for umpteen reasons. A big bash like a nuptial ceremony can receive the kingly justice. Choose your honeymoon package, the place of your D’day, the hotels where you want to board. A few things in life are best to be savoured. A marriage in these luxurious palaces can give you goose-bumps later when you would ruminate on the memory.

    A dream wedding is bound to give you a sensational start to your life. Haven’t you spent days and nights pondering on how to make your marriage a cherishable episode of your life? This wedding website claims to be a perfect marriage planner. It sees through your wedding from the inception to the ‘vidai’. Wedding themes, stupendous decorations, perfect epicurean delights, bridal deck up to the ceremonial rituals- all will be taken care of as if you had ordered the genie. Dream of shaadi and you will be married off elegantly.

    weddingloans (www.weddingloans.co.in)
    Are financial hazards stopping you from throwing a gala wedding? If you had been exasperated on how to live your dream of marrying in style and in absolute pageantry, cash could be a worry. Here you have a friend who would stand by you. Wedding loans would reach you effortlessly. You can take lump sum as credit and return with lean amount of interests pegged up. Solvency is in your hands with the easy wedding loans, the instant wedding loans and loans of other discrete types to help you out in building the castles of wedding dreams.

    planawedding (www.planawedding.in)
    India’s premiere wedding planners are right here to mould your wedding into a remembered event of life. From location scouting to arranging for the most unforgettable honeymoon, the very essential wedding orientation to wedding ensembles, to theme wedding to sketching the ceremony- this planner has many feathers to wear in its cap. Don your best look, repose in the thought that you are catered the best and leave fond memories in the minds of the people.

    hinduwedding (hinduwedding.co.in)
    Unique wedding ideas would give a new leash of life to your nascent dream of marrying lavishly. It doesn’t cost you brains to think of the unique ideas that can give wings to your dreams. You can think big, really big with them. Get smart and state-of-the-art tips to make your wedding happen the way you always thought of.

    eliteguruvayur (eliteguruvayur.in)
    Spacious marriage halls would give you the freedom to fructify your desires to wed in style. Book this elegant plaza, to see your wedding taking off in the grandest way. Answer the calls of Kerala. And make your oath-taking for a happy married life a memorable event. You can plan scores of things when you have vast banquet hall and world class services to felicitate the guests.

    After all this, if you are still hungry for more then www.bestindiansites.com can help you again.

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