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A business idea is the stepping stone to starting a business venture and earning independently. The world today offers an opening for people to start a variety of innovative businesses catering to all or a niche audience.

India is rapidly opening up as the new hub of big business ideas for global entrepreneurs. Newer marketing and selling ideas are catching up with the new age middle class buyers. Some people are born leaders. They have the influx of new and advanced business ideas. Government of India encourages these youths of today to try out their hand in business as it not only provide to the owner's profit but also central revenues. Here are 10 websites on business ideas will help you with new and innovative ideas of thinking. Genius Kick  (

Genius Kick is a top website giving excellent business ideas. Started by Mukesh Dutta, the website has tips on how to start online businesses of different kinds as well as offline businesses like restaurants, tattoo parlors etc. It also acts as a guide for users of all ages and interests to find a unique and "solid" business idea.

Business Ideas  (

Business Ideas is one of the most popular business ideas giving website. It has business ideas for numerous things from baby planning business and apartment finder business to furniture cleaning business to gift basket business. The business ideas are well researched with details about the work, customers and requirements for starting the business.

Business Maps of India  (

This is one of the best business ideas giving website in India. It has ideas for both small to big businesses. The site also categorizes business ideas in different ways, including professions like Musicians, Photographers, Lawyers and Teachers, locations like home based and NRIs, as well as occasions like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Noobpreneur  (

Noobpreneur is one of the top business ideas websites. It has creative and smart business ideas, tips to start the business venture, advice for managing finances and tools to evaluate productivity in the business. This web portal also gives you suggestions how to run the business successfully and maintain personal life side by side.

Small B  (

Small B is an entrepreneurship promoting initiative by SIDBI that provides information and ideas about different small businesses. The website is effort to inspire and encourage the youth in India to start businesses and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Start Your Own Business Magazine  (

This website giving business ideas provides potential entrepreneurs a place to get inspired and motivated. It not only has innovative business ideas, the site also guides starting business men and women with inspirational interviews of successful start up owners and strategies of bettering their new businesses.

Dig MLM  (

Digital Multi Level Management or Dig MLM is a good website to find great business ideas. It was started in 2010 by Robinsh from India with the view to help people start their businesses. The website has creative business ideas and suggestions to take the venture to the next level.

Stylus Inc.  (

Stylus Inc. is a company involved in providing business intelligence solutions to clients. The company also gives ideas to help business earn higher profits. The web page here has ideas for different business opportunities in India with their positives and negatives to help people weigh their options and decide smartly.

Business Ideas for Beginners  (

If you have no idea how to even ideate a business, this website will be a great help to you. It has a variety of ideas to start a venture for newbies in the world of business. It also gives tips and advices regarding launching a business idea successfully, using technology to increase sales and others.

Entrepreneur India  (

This website is for seasoned Indian business owners who need business ideas to expand their businesses and make better profits. It also has various inspirational and motivational topics like news articles about start-ups, interviews of successful business persons, business strategy discussions and blogs written by experts.

Some Other Sites for Business Ideas:

infobase (

Visit the site of an upcoming company who is always on the look out of new and innovative e-business ideas and talent. If you think you have that "extra" to give the best business ideas to help the company in profitable business, then log in and check out the site.

smarta (

Thi site gives case tudies,blogs,videos,guides that can be helpful for businesses.Surf the site for more information.

in.dir (

Thinking of starting your own business? Log in this site for various ideas and tips on business. Check out the list of business products that you can try your hand at. Go through this site to update and enhance e your knowledge on business ideas.

b2bonlinesolutions (

This site gives business ideas and solutions that can be helpful for people who wants to start with a business.Check out the site for more information.

coolbusinessideas (

This site has many ideas for starting the business and also business ideas in different categories are available on this site. Browse the site for more.
businessideasforbeginners (

This site provides information for beginners who want to enter in the world of business.See the site for more details. (

Here's the site of the government of India providing step by step guidance for those willing to start up their own business. Encouraging the youths in business, this site gives fresh and new business ideas and planning tips. Read through this site and update your knowledge before you try your own business.

Entrepreneur (

Confused how and from where to start your new business? Get tips and ideas on business from this site. Get your planning organized and then go ahead to becoming your own boss. Check out the site and get ready to be the next big business tycoon of India. One will get various ideas on Arts & Craft,Financial,Food,Advertising and many more.

springwise (

This site gives variety of different business ideas and opportunities and thus can help in establishing a unique business.Check out this site for more ideas.

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