Best Sites For Indian Home Based Business

Best Sites For Indian Home Based Business
India List Ad Post
Acusis India Travel Networks
Indian Franchise
Franchise India
On ContractScubex India
Easy Post Job 4 U1 Money Mania
LocantoSify Shopping
DrblankKerala Daily
Franchise SolutionsHomebased Travelagent
Home based business ventures have several benefits in the present times. They allow a family and work life balance like no profession can provide. Working at home also removes the commuting part that may cause tension to those who spend a major chunk of their day in going to office and back home. Home based businesses are preferred by not only housewives but everyone who wish for a stable lifestyle in this world where everything is fast moving.

Always wanted to be your own boss? Retired but need more cash for a living? If the answers to these questions are “yes”, then home based business is the solution. Nowadays, home based business is full of opportunities and ideas. There's ample of scope for you to earn and expand through this home based business. A practical approach with a bit of imagination and devotion can take you to the roads of success. This page of presents you with 10 websites on the related topic.

India List  (

This website has a variety of classifieds relating to different products and services. It also has a Business Opportunities section with a sub-category called Home based Business. This sub category has a long list of available home based business opportunities, especially jobs that can be done online, like ad posting, franchise and form filling.

Ad Post (

Ad Post Classifieds has a Home based Business section where users can find opportunities for work as well as offer home based work. The businesses include online data entry and ad posting jobs. The businesse opportunities can be filtered according to Indian states as well in the site.

Acusis India  (

Acusis India is a Bangalore based company offering medical transcription opportunities to people wishing to work at home. This is a lucrative business opportunity for home based professionals as the company provides good payment that is dependent on the quality and quantity of work done.

Travel Networks  (

If you like to travel and talk to people about places and exotic destinations, Travel Networks has a great business proposition for you. It offers home based travel consulting business for different tourist destinations and thematic tours in India. There is no investment required in this business. All that is needed is knowledge about traveling to different places in India and contacts.

Indian Franchise Association

This is one of the top home based business sites in India. It has several choices for people interested in starting a business at home. In addition, the website has information about franchise in India and other parts of the world. The site also has articles about home based franchises and their benefits.

Franchise India  (

Franchise India is one of the best websites for home based franchise businesses in the country. It has several categories for business opportunities, for instance in the fields of education training, financial services and information technology. The site also has inspiring videos, research reports, articles and a magazine about franchising.

On Contract  (

This is one of the best home based business opportunities providing website. It provides a platform for businesses to find people with the right skill sets and individuals to get work on contract basis. The website is based in Mumbai and has high profile clients like HCL, DTDC and Biocon.

Scubex India  (

Scubex India is a web development company that offers online home based business opportunities to people with and without technical knowledge. It helps them to set up a website and promote it with a one time investment of Rs. 7499/-. The projects earned can be anywhere between Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 45,000/-.

Easy Post Job 4 U  (

Easy Post Job 4 U is a data entry jobs providing website. This portal is managed by Universal Info Service, an ISO certified company offering opportunities for home based business in the areas of ad posting, typing, proof reading and online advertising. The company also offers franchise opportunity to help businesses earn better.

1 Money Mania  (

This is a good website for people who wish to start a home based business. It has home based business listings for a number of cities in India. The business categories include accounting, data entry, ayurveda, translation and typing. The site also has articles about running a business at home.

Some Other Sites for Home Based Business

Search4i (

This site can be your door to global information. Providing with worldwide information, this is a must visit site for you. Get information on the various home based businesses such as data typist, computer typist etc over here. Get featured websites from this directory about the various ways of starting a home based business.

Khoj (

Khoj is one of the best sites of India that provides you with a wide collection of websites that will give you thorough idea on home based business. You get to know about the companies and related ways which will help you to earn some good bucks working from home. Visit this site and get going.

Locanto (

To know about the best home based business opportunities on the internet, log in this site. A private company is on the look out of ambitious people for part time and full time works from home. So, here’s your chance of earning good money working from home. Grab this opportunity before it slips off.

Sify Shopping (

Want to start your own business from home and become self independent? But can't think of good ideas to try out? Books are our best friend to know the unknown. With the help of this site, get a huge collection of books on home based business that you can indulge on. Update and enhance your knowledge and get started with the help of this site.

Drblank (

Want to be self independent by starting up a business from home? Then this is the site for you. Log in and submit the form given in the site. There are many ethical, no investment and sound and secure business opportunities in India. The Institute of Home based Business will help you by leading in the right track through this site.

Kerala Daily ( is introducing an innovative concept of opening franchises all over the states of India. Their aim is to provide easy service and information about through home based business. If you want, go ahead and join the group of for home based business. Log in and enjoy the feel of being self independent.

Franchise Solutions (

A thorough and handy site that gives you innovative and exclusive ideas to start your own home based business. Read through the article and get your ideas on business cleared and updated. Rate the article according to your analysis and decide how useful the tips on business given here will help you. Have a glance.

Homebased Travelagent (

You can start your own business as home based travel agent. To know more log in this site and go through the tips and guide provided in this site. You will find this site very handy and informative to help you. Get thorough the info on home based travel agent from this site and decide.

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